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It has become much more common to pick up luxury cars at Orange, CA auto auctions than in the surrounding areas.  Orange is in a unique situation that lends itself very nicely to finding luxury cars at auction.  By understanding why Orange is an excellent place to keep your eyes on, you dramatically increase your chances of not only locating a luxury car at auction, but also getting a great deal.  Here is a closer look at Orange California and what it has to offer.

One of the biggest reasons that you can pick up luxury cars at Orange auto auctions is because of Villa Park.  Villa Park is considered to be a small affluent city that is completely surrounded by the city of Orange.  While Villa Park only has an average population of around 6,000, the average median income is quite high.  In fact, during the last census only 2.6% of the population were below the poverty line.  With all of the additional expendable income, Villa Park is home to an exponentially large amount of luxury cars.  Plus, most people in this area tend to lease their cars rather than buy them outright.  This a great news for auto auctions.  Once a car has been leased, the leasing company will place it in an auction in order to recoup the rest of their costs.

Another thing to consider is that the city of Orange is right in the middle of several other larger metropolitan areas. Particularly, Anaheim and Santa Ana.  Plus, very few highways actually run through Orange, but rather originate or end there.  For people selling luxury cars in this area, it means that in order to get them auction elsewhere, it means paying a hefty shipping bill.  On the other hand, entering all of the luxury cars in the same auctions deflates the price.  In the end, it is still normally cheaper to sell them locally.

This means that you can not only pick up luxury cars at Orange auto auctions, but that you will have a wide selection to choose from.  With a greater selection, not only do you get higher odds of finding exactly what you are looking for, but the price will likely be much lower than other luxury cars found at nearby auctions.  Plus, because a majority of the luxury cars are likely to be former lease vehicles, they were likely well maintained and have a limited amount of mileage on them.

When you combine all of these factors together, it is no surprise that more people are trying to pick up luxury cars at Orange, CA auto auctions.  The unique location gives them exclusive access to luxury cars that are leased by Villa Park residents as well as local residents.  Additionally, dealing with transportation is more difficult and expensive because highways don’t just pass through, rather they begin or end there.  With all of these variables combined, not only will you get a wider selection to choose from, but the disproportionately high number of luxury cars available will drive down prices, which saves you money.

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