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Online car auctions: The modern day Jeanie

What is the best news that comes to a seller who is out to sell his possession?

Imagine the pain and effort that one has to put in to get the dream car. Buying a car is a difficult decision and a stressful process. What if there is a Jeanie who can make either of these wishes come true in a jiffy? Don’t be surprised to know that in reality too this is possible. Thanks to the advances in technology, we are now able to know all about the makes and models and specification of cars on sale or in demand, just at the tap of some keys. So sip your cappuccino or a milk shake and be ready to witness the world of online car auctions and what it has in store for you.

The origin of cars that land up in online car auctions can be many. Cars are repossessed by banks or sized by the law department for various reasons. To keep these cars in a garage and maintain them is quite tough, tedious and expensive too. That’s the reason the cars in such online car auctions go for very cheap prices. And as expected the number of cars put up at such auctions is huge. Get to know us more: visit us at for getting the best deal of US auto auctions.

To buy a car online, a request for reverse auto auction is put up. This follows the process where the auto dealers compete amongst each other for the lowest price. Thus, the buyer gets the car for a competitively lower price. Usually great bargains are obtained through such online auto auctions.

In case you are selling your car online, you get real-time buyers. Any car dealer or sales person can register and sell the car online. Once a request for a car is placed, the reverse auction process sets in and then the best competitive price is decided based on various factors such as mileage, car condition and added accessories. Thus a seller is also benefited as he gets real time buyers bidding for his car. There is one more step that takes care that the seller is not loss. This is the notion of ‘reserve’.

Those that are put up for online car auctions are classified according to the make, budget, body style, segment and year. So it is easier to find the car of ones choice. Ratings for each car can be provided regarding reliability, build quality, running costs, performance, braking, ride quality, handling, practicality, comfort and ease of driving. There is even a concept of certifications being given by a well-known dealer for the cars in some cases. This is an added advantage and an assurance to quality. 

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