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Online Car Auctions Ideal for Women

Online car auctions are ideal for women because they are asexual. That is, you are genderless. When online, no one knows whether you are male or female unless you tell them. 

Many women feel intimated when searching through car yards, either second hand or new. That’s because many car salespeople still live up to their reputations and are either slick, bigoted or discriminatory.

Not all car salesmen fall into the above category by a long shot, but enough do and they intimidate many women buyers.

These days thankfully, many have learnt that women have minds and money to spend of their own and now the more aggressive salesman has become more of a “Don Juan” wannabe which means he’s still not got the right message.

But the really ‘savvy’ woman buyer checks out the conventional car yards and retail prices anyway; puts up with the ‘smarm’, and in the end simply says “No thanks, I’ll think about it” and goes home to the Internet and checks out the car auctions online.

You see, women buyers know what they want these days and no “Don Juan” type is going to smooch them into anything they don’t want.   By the time a woman gets around to thinking of buying a car or replacing an existing one, she already has a very good idea of what she wants. 

The thing that many car salespeople need to be aware of is that a woman views a car differently to a man. Most women see their vehicle as a ‘work horse’. Something that is purpose built to get them and/or their family from point A to point Z and back again to point A safely and trouble-free.

Many men tend to see their car as an extension of themselves. The faster it goes with all the right “zoom-zoom-zoom’ noises under the bonnet/hood the sweeter they think it is. And if the paintwork is polished, shiny and as bright as a new pin and has wheels 9” wide with Mag wheels. Oh boy ~ they think they are bound to get laid!  Somehow, for many men, the two are inseparable. Don’t believe me? Try dating a “petrol Head”.

Now when you buy your next vehicle at an online car auction, it doesn’t matter which of the above gender category you fall into because an auction only knows Dollar signs and numbers.  The higher the number the better chance you have to get the car of your dreams.

But if you are going to buy a new car or a used car, you still need to know what constitutes a good buy. Nothing for either men or women replaces “due diligence” and spending a bit of time studying what’s available and what the going market price is. If you don’t bother to spend this time you are more likely to end up spending dollars instead. But, as always, the choice is yours.

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