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NYC Car auctions : Who said that expensive cars were only for the riches!

Some of the most expensive swanky cars are put up for auction at NYC Car auctions. Cars like BMW, Mazda and Merck’s are available at less than half the market retail values at NYC Car auctions and are well within the common man’s reach. These cars are not only at very affordable prices, they are also in almost brand new condition and with clear titles. So it is not only the rich who can afford these very exclusive cars.

How is luxury vehicles sold at affordable rates?

At NYC Car auctions the luxury vehicles are either seized vehicles or repo cars or cars that were once with the police fleet and the defense. These categories of vehicles are the best that one can get among the used car vehicles.

The repo or repossessed cars have been confiscated from customers who have not paid their car loans and have had to forsake their brand new vehicles to the law. Likewise seized cars are those that have been confiscated by the police and the law from drug dealers and other persons in illegal unlawful dealings. Such people usually own the best and most expensive cars and have all the latest accessories fitted to their vehicles and make it even swankier than the ones in the showrooms. You can find a BMW or a Mazda also among these exclusive ranges of vehicles at the NYC Car auctions.

Cars from the police and defense fleet are maintained to perfection and also have all the extra accessories like radios, DVD and CD players, and all the latest electronic equipment fitted. They are driven by ace drivers who have received the best training and know how to take care of the vehicles. The officials also have a BMW or a Mazda in their fleet. However these cars are supposed to remain on the police and defense fleets only for a certain number of years, and when this period is over then the vehicles have to be replaced. It is then that these well maintained and top conditioned vehicles are put up for sale at various auctions like the NYC Car auctions.

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