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Nissan Car Auctions In San Diego County For Cheap Deals

One of the most difficult aspects of using auto auctions to find your next car is if you are targeting a specific manufacturer. While there are not very many auctions that focus on a specific brand, it isn’t difficult to find Nissan cars for auction in San Diego County, along with any other brand. San Diego county has a very diverse population, which means a diverse set of preferences. As a result, you can find pretty much anything that you want. In these specific examples, the focus will be Nissan car auctions in San Diego County that ended up having a lot of cheap deals.

Some Background About San Diego County and Why They Have Cheap Deals at Nissan Car Auctions

In the southwest section of California, San Diego County is by far the largest. The total population is more than 3 million people strong and consistently growing. It essentially makes the entire San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos Metro area, also known more generally as the greater San Diego area. If you expand its reach to Tijuana, the Metro area extends to more than 5 million people making it the largest Metro area spanning two countries.

As a general rule, the more people you have in one area the greater selection you will find at auto auctions. This has definitely held true when looking for a Nissan car auctions in San Diego County for cheap deals. The best part is that there is not only a greater selection, but it also means that there will likely be less competition for the Nissan that most interests you.

Since this is such a large region, it should be no surprise that there are more than a handful of auto auction houses. Some of the most well-known include RoadOne San Diego, Express Auto Auction, Otay Auto Auction, Robertson Auto Auctions, Desert View Auto Auctions, Father Joe’s Auto Auctions, and many more. This will not only give you a huge selection, the can potentially complicate matters when trying to track down exactly what you are looking for.

Recent Nissan Car Auction Results

With all of this in mind, you still may be wondering what kind of deals you will really find at a Nissan car auction in San Diego County. Here are a few of the recent results which should help clear up any doubts. The first set of examples are cars which have no damage aside from normal wear and tear. These are the types of cars that would interest you if you want to purchase something and immediately be able to drive it off the lot.

If you really want to save money, then you may be interested in something like this. It is a 2003 Nissan Altima which sold for $1350. It had only minor dents and scratches as well as boasting just over 100,000 miles, which really isn’t that much for an altar Nissan. There was also a 2004 Nissan 350 Z Roadster with 23,000 miles which sold for less than $4000. The local market value was just over $20,000, however it did have a recently rebuilt engine. As long as it was rebuilt well, this can add additional life to the car, however if it wasn’t then there’s always the risk that it will break down sooner. There was also a 2005 Nissan Sentra with 60,000 miles which sold for $4500. This is a savings of more than 50% considering that the local market value was more than $9000. finally, there was a 2008 Nissan Versa with 85,000 miles sold for just over $6000 and had a market value of $10,600.

Another popular strategy at these auctions is to purchase cars which have enough cosmetic damage to drive down the perceived value without actually hindering its ability to operate. If you are new to auto auctions then you might see damaged cars and think that they are inherently not going to run, however this simply isn’t the case. In fact, sometimes the cars with the most cosmetic damage and not only being the best deal, but also lasted longer. One such example is a recent auction was a 2008 Nissan 350 Z with 100,000 miles on it. It had significant rear end damage – namely the bumper was gone and the back end of the trunk was pressed slightly into the vehicle. Most people avoided this car because to a complete repair it would cost nearly $10,000. As a result, the winning bidder paid less than $2000, even though the local market value would’ve been nearly $16,000 if they paid for all of the repairs. This means that you could either pay for the repairs and still have saved $4000 or deal with the rear end damage and cotton a fairly new Nissan for a fraction of its value. Another similar result was on a 2011 Nissan Altima. It also had rear end damage, although the bumper was still intact and is the trunk lid was crumpled. In total a complete repair would have cost around $12,000, although it’s important to keep in mind that the market value ones to repairs were complete would be nearly $19,000. Additionally, there were only 11,000 miles on it and the winning bidder prodded home for less than $3000.

Nissan car auctions in San Diego County definitely offer great deals. You can either pay a little more for a car with no cosmetic damage or double your savings by dealing with a car which may not look like it’s in the best condition, but has proven to be extremely reliable.

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