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New Subaru Outback for 2010

Subaru are widely known for making solid and reliable cars.  The release of the 2010 Outback is no different.

According to Subaru, the new Outback is bigger in all dimensions – longer, wider and higher providing new spaciousness for driver and passenger alike.  Apart from a spacious new cabin, a more refined ride and multiple engineering changes will expand its versatile appeal to families.

Subaru are famous for their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive ability and the new Outback maintains its super-safe status with a variety of new features across the range, including a cradle that cocoons the engine from the reinforced passenger cabin in heavy frontal impacts.  The Outback has again achieved the highest five-star occupant safety rating.

Fuel consumption is improved and emissions reduced.

The 2.5 liter four cylinder delivers 170 horsepower and the 3.6 liter six cylinder model produces 256 horsepower.  The later now runs on regular gas (it took premium in early models) which produces some cost savings.

Buyers who would normally look at the larger SUVs to transport their family should also take a look at the new Subaru Outback.

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