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new Mazda Tribute Review: new Mazda Tribute: Reflecting Impressive reflexes

Mazda is no new name in the auto market, especially in the United States, but today we focus on the luxury SUV from Mazda called New Mazda Tribute, which is considered a driver’s delight. 2008 Mazda Tribute is a versatile car that takes you through the rugged roads safely and comfortably. The power-packed performer offers great value for money, according to several reviews. With some really enviable features, this car makes you fall hopelessly in love with it on first drive.

Let us look at some important features and innovations in this 2008 New Mazda Tribute model. Small to be a truck, yet powerful enough to pass for one, this car is one you would want to own. The car has a sturdy exterior, well-styled and elegant. The interiors are quite roomy: you could call the cabin spacious. The instrument panel is tidy, and the seats are actually very comfortable. About 5 adults can be comfortably seated in this vehicle, which makes for great commuting, in city and in the wild. The interiors are refined and impressive. This car makes for fun on the roads anytime, anywhere.

Coming to performance, the v6 engine is one of the best in this particular car segment, with hardly any rivals matching up to the standards set by the New Mazda Tribute. The handling is sporty and you feel that the car is quite responsive. Brakes are excellent, as is the steering and stability (Dynamic stability control) on tough roads. The traction is also good. Safety features are very many, with front and side airbags, child-safety features, panic button and wheel locks. 4 speed transmission is standard. The i Grand Touring trim offers a fuel economy of about 20/26 mpg (city/highway).
Available in 12 amazing trims ranging from the 4 cylinder i Sport FWD to the 6 cylinder s Grand Touring 4-Wheel Driven, the car is also very affordable in its basic form, with a market price estimated to be around $27,000. Usual options for the entertainment system include a Sirius Satellite radio. On the whole, the car is close to perfection in all aspects, certainly a delight.

: 4 out of 5….. powerful v6 engine that delivers, and how!

: 4 out of 5…. Good enough automatic transmission.

: 4 out of 5… excellent handling and stability control.

: 4 out of 5 … standard and well designed safety features.

Value 4.5 out of 5… Great car. You would want to drive it just for the sake of driving.

Tech Specs

: 4 door and 5 passenger sports utility vehicle

: up to 3.0 liter v6 powerful engine, great for any road.

: standard 4 speed automatic transmission

Power: delivers from 153 hp to 200 hp

: 193 at 4850 (ft-lbs)

: 16 inch radial passenger tires, with rack and pinion steering, independent suspension.

: terrific car, a relief after many ordinary models. This car is great on performance, handling, interiors, exteriors, safety and reliability.

: the car scores at least 9 on 10 in most aspects.

: hardly any minus points for this beauty.

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