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new Mazda MAZDA3 Review: Touring new Mazda MAZDA3 test drive

Among the various affordable small size cars in the market today, we can safely say that the 2008 Mazda3 series has quite an edge over its competitors in the same segment. This car is stylish and feels good as well. you have a compact car that performs well, looks well and is a delight in all aspects.

Though not the ultimate small car, this car does perform well. The ride is smooth and energetic. The engine is not the best but the car is certainly a performer on most roads. The exterior is very sleek and stylish and one is impressed with the car from outside. Within, the car feels okay but taller people might be inconvenienced. The car dynamics are good, the interiors are well-designed though not too spacious. The practical car also scores on fuel economy. Overall, at least an 8 on 10 for the prim and proper aura the car radiates.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. the engine is quite powerful for a small car of this type, and rides are fun though not totally adventurous.

: 3 out of 5…. The car has both manual and an automatic (optional) and both are good.

: 4 out of 5… the car is very easy to handle on most roads, the steering and traction are very good and the car is responsive to the smallest maneuver.

: 3 out of 5 … the side impact score is not as good as the crash test score. The car is okay but not your safest vehicle.

Value 3 out of 5.. with the rate going up to $20,000, the car is certainly not expensive. The car is worth if you see the style and the pretty decent performance it offers.

Tech Specs

Body: available in 8 trims, the Mazda3 is a 4-door and 5 passenger family sedan. The trims range from the I Sport 4-Door car to the Mazda3 s Grand Touring 5 Door car.

: i Sport 4-Door now comes with a standard 2.0 liter I4, 148 hp engine while the 2008 Mazda3 s Grand Touring 5-Door comes with a standard 2.3 liter, I4, 156 Hp engine

Transmission: the standard transmission is a 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive, while a 5 speed automatic transmission with overdrive is an option

: the I sport 4 door car performs at 148 hp at 6500 rpm while the 2008 Mazda MAZDA3 s Grand Touring 4 Door carprovides a performance of 156 hp at 6500 rpm.

: the I sport 4 door car operates at 135 at 4500 (ft-lbs) while the 2008 Mazda MAZDA3 s Grand Touring 4 Door car operates at 150 at 4500 (ft-lbs)

Tires: 15-17 inch radial passenger tires, independent suspension, front and rear disc brakes, rack and pinion steering. Front wheel driven trims

: The car is very good in most aspects, while it could improve on safety and interiors. In all, a stylish and affordable compact car.

: the handling is terrific and the acceleration very quick, while the exteriors look simply lovely.

: the 2008 Mazda3 is a compact car, so the rear seat passengers might find not enough leg space.

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