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new Lotus Elise Review: new Lotus Elise a ultra-lightweight sports car

Gone are the days when racing cars were mere speed maniacs zooming along the roads at dizzy speeds. Today’s sports cars are also equipped for passenger comfort and luxury. But then, in most cars this has added to the bulk and the cars end up looking anything but sporty. Not the new Lotus Elise though. This car is a different sort altogether. Light and speedy, this car truly looks and feels sporty. Does it score this well in other aspects? Let us see.

The car manufacturers seemed insistent on great speeds, but of course, they had to cater to the market requirements. People want safety and comfort features in their car, even if it is a rugged or speedy sports car. Hence, the balance was maintained by adding some comfort features here and there to meet U.S standards, and the focus on speed wasn’t too extreme. With a weight of less than 2000 pounds, this car ranks easily as one of the lightest vehicles across the States. Within 4-point-something seconds, this light vehicle goes up to 60 mph and this has earned it the cool factor from many drivers.

2008 Lotus Elise
brings a supercharged engine for the new lotus Elise, which doesn’t even need too much power because of its weight. The 2 seater convertible is good enough on the road. There is standard AC, a CD sound system and antilock brakes as well. The car looks really unique on the outside, with an aggressive design and some bold color. But the interiors are Spartan. The car could be customized with a Touring package if needed for added comfort, while the Sports package answers the need for more fun.

The car as such is exciting on the road and provides complete adventure for your money, but people wanting a safe car could get extra features.

: 4 out of 5….. the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine is enough for reasonably thrilling speeds on any road.

: 3 out of 5…. Easy manual transmission, enough for the job.

: 4 out of 5… easy handling

: 3 out of 5 … basic safety features, more could enhance weight of the car.

Value 4 out of 5.. not out of reach at $55,000. quite a good car for your money

Tech Specs

: 2 trims for the 2 door and 2 passenger sports car convertible

: standard 1.8 liter l4 engine

: standard 6 speed manual transmission (with overdrive)

: the Lotus Elise convertible performs at 189 hp (7800 rpm) while the Lotus Elise convertible performs at 218 hp (8000 rpm)

:  Lotus Elise convertible operates at 133 at 6800 (ft-lbs) while the Lotus Elise convertible operates at 156 at 5000 (ft-lbs)

: 175 mm, 16 inch radial tires, both with rack and pinion steering, front and rear disc brakes and independent suspension.

: definitely a speedy and high-performing roadster, but could do with a little rethinking on the safety features and standard convenience features.

: the car performs very well, looks unique.

: safety features and convenience need improvement.

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