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new Lexus GS 460 Review: new Lexus GS 460 Blend of luxury and performance

Most recently launched cars have been either great on the luxury front or packed with performance. However, there are very few cars that have a perfect blend of both the features.

To keep their customers happy, Lexus are coming up with newer car models that are high on both the luxury quotient and performance. Their cars have attracted numerous car buyers within a very short span of time. 2008 LexusGS-460 Sedan is one of the popular cars amongst their current batch. Experts believe that this sedan is sure to rake in a great deal of money for its manufacturer.

2008 LexusGS-460 Sedan is a fantastic looking car. This car has front and rear bumpers, which are colored similar to the body of the car. The exterior door handles are covered with chrome and this enhances its looks by a great deal. Another striking feature of this car is the transmission of its engine. Its transmission is an 8-speed automatic one having a snow-mode and overdrive.

2008 LexusGS-460
Sedan can be referred to as luxury on wheels. There are floor mats on the rear and front of the car apart from the carpets that are located on its trunk and passenger cabin. Its doors have simulated leather covers on the interior which gives a classy look to the car. There are climate controls and HVAC ducts along with a filter that provide a comfortable environment to prevail inside the car.

The regency-leather seats of 2008 LexusGS-460 Sedan work as a further evidence of the luxurious features of this car. Reclining bucket seats are provided at its front end. Front seats are provided with additional features that include adjustable headrests and seat heights. The seat at the rear is a bench seat which has been provided with a fold-down armrest.

2008 LexusGS-460
Sedan is provided with electronic-brake assistance. The vented disc brakes at the front and rear portion of the car provides it with excellent braking control. The traction control in the car has been provided by TRAC. Again, anti-lock brakes are included in all the four wheels of the car.

2008 LexusGS-460
Sedan has several safety features that can give competition to other cars of similar category available in the market. Airbags have been placed at all crucial places in the car, which see to it that the injuries to the passengers and driver is minimal in case of any unforeseen events. There are other features like automatic-locking retractors and pretensioners with force-limiters, which have been placed both at the front and rear end of the car. The alarm and engine immobilizer in the car take care of its anti-theft features.

With its unique mix of luxury and performance, 2008 LexusGS-460 Sedan is set to become a favorite amongst the masses in the coming times.

Tech Specs

: 4-door sedan

: 4.6 liter V8 342 hp

: 8 speed automatic

: 339 units

: 342 hp

: SBRP245/40ZR18


: Great looks and flooded with various luxurious interior features

: Anti-theft features need further improvement

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