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new Lexus GS 450h Review: new Lexus GS 450h: Personal preference

Lexus cars have always been a favorite amongst most car users. Their attractive looks, powerful engine and excellent features have always made their users to stick to the brand without having a second thought for others. 2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan is another car from the manufacturer, which is expected to confirm their prowess over other cars.

2008 Lexus GS 450h
Sedan has an excellent looking exterior with a metallic paint on it. Body colored front and rear bumpers makes the car look larger. Wheels of alloy with excellent summer tires work excellently throughout the year. Its windows have tinted glasses to protect all passengers from harmful rays of sun. Exterior lights are automatic in nature and level automatically to give clear viewing. Again, daytime running lights are provided along with fog lights for clear and distinct viewing.

Exterior of 2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan would tempt you to enter the wonderful car. Floor space is completely carpet covered and extra mats are provided for front and rear seats. The seats are made of leather that provides the car with an expensive and glamorous look. The rear seating structure is similar to the ones at the theatre, whereas front seats are of bucket type. Headrests and hand rests are provided to increase the comfort level during the journey.

If you always dreamt of going through your favorite book while you travel, 2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan provides you reading lights apart from its excellent seats. The car has a separate climate control system for front and rear that are automatic in nature. Air filters provide clean and clear atmosphere to the passengers.

2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan has a variable controlled automatic transmission system with an overdrive facility. Its transmission system also has a separate mode for snow driving. The leather steering wheel is supported on tilt and telescopic columns. It also has 3-memory settings for more controlled driving. 2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan has different suspension systems for front and rear part of the car. They are assisted by shock absorbers and coil springs to provide a smooth ride.

The braking system of 2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan is supported by disc brakes, which are ventilated in nature. Brake assistance system is inbuilt and it is electronic in nature which distributes the brake force equally.

Safety of car is always a prime concern among carmaker. 2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan has an excellent safety system. Airbags are provided for passengers that are work by sensors and is activated by passenger weight. The airbags open up in two stages to provide higher safety. Seatbelts are also provided to prevent any damage to passengers during mishaps. Special locks are provided in the rear door to offer safety to children.

2008 Lexus GS 450h Sedan has an excellent exterior with a very powerful engine. The car can also be very highly rated for its safety options and comfortable interior. It will easily be a personal favorite of any person for its wonderful features.

Tech Specs

: 4-door sedan

: 3.5 liter V6 340 hp

: VAR speed automatic

: 267 units

: 340 hp

: SBRP245/40ZR18


: The car is very comfortable to drive in

: Mileage requires improvement to draw more buyers

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