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During an auto show in Frankfurt, Ford Motor Company announced its decision to release the Ford C-Max to the United States in 2011. This car was released in Europe in 2003 and has been a sensational hit since. The Ford C-Max comes in a 7 passenger as well as 5 passenger cars.

As the United States prepares to embrace the idea of fuel efficiency and emission reduction, the Ford C-Max will be a welcome addition to the fleet of cars in operation. Europeans find that the C-Max is a versatile car and are swapping their hatchback for the convenience of the C-Max.

The Ford C-Max provides an increase in efficiency, utility and opportunities for carrying more load and passengers.

The engine has an Ecoboost design coupled with fuel injection directly and has turbo charging features that allows it to duplicate the power of a large engine.

Usually, the Ecoboost technology was only restricted to the 3.5- liter V6 with a power of the V8. However, this technology has been used on the Ford C-Max with its 1.6 liter, V4. This accounts for the high performance displayed like that of a 2.5 liter.

Technology has also provided Ford with the resources to make the C-Max and Grand C-Max a start and stop system that helps it to save o fuel. This start and stop system shuts the engine off at brief intervals when the vehicle is not immobile such as when it waits at a stop light.

This kind of technology has been part of the European system. However, this is the first time that Ford is using it and applying it to the C-Max.

Ford plan is to use their newly initiated C-segment architecture to make up to two million cars each year as well as 10 exclusive models depending on the platform.

One of those models is the new Ford Focus, which is currently a popular car in Europe and will be coming to the United States in 2011. It will be replacing the tired type that is now running in the United States.

Ford Motor also revealed their Focus Econetic at the auto show in Frankfurt as the most efficient and optimized variant of the original Focus. The emission output is 99 grams per kilometer and gives almost 62 miles to the gallon.

These cars will be new to the United States, but have been enjoying excellent sales and profits from the European market.

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