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Motor Vehicle Government Auctions in New Orleans For Bargains

New Orleans has always been known for having some great motor vehicle government auctions.  With the large amount of vehicles that are available at every auction, it is easy to find a great bargain on a vehicle that has a clean title and runs extremely well.  New Orleans has government auctions on a regular basis, however they are not always for vehicles.  They range from everything to used lab equipment to government seized items.  So make sure to always check out the details of a government auction to make sure that you find one that has motor vehicles.

In New Orleans, motor vehicle government auctions are often held in a variety of locations and formats.  Some are online auctions, while others are strictly live.  Some have reserve bids, whereas others are simply the highest bidders.  These small differences are another reason that you need to keep an eye on the details.

Most of the New Orleans government auctions are held through 3rd party auction houses.  Many people have attended government auctions without even realizing it.  For example, the city of New Orleans Department of Public Works will often holds its auction, comprised of abandoned vehicles, has most recently been headed by Browns Auction Company and featured more than 150 motor vehicles with no reserve prices.

On thing to keep in mind when attending government auctions, especially local government auctions, in New Orleans, there is often a cover fee to view and/or bid on vehicles during the auction.  However, if you do not make a purchase,  generally the fee is 100% refundable.

In New Orleans, government motor vehicle auctions often start very quickly with cars, trucks, and SUV’s that are not projected to get many bidders.  They encourage everyone to show up early because the earlier portions of the auction are often very fast paced.  Additionally, all buyers will receive a notarized title at the time of payment.  This is a huge advantage because you no longer need to go to the DMV in order to apply for a  new title. 

When searching for a great bargain on a motor vehicle in New Orleans, a government auction is definitely the place to start.  It surprises many people how many different branches of the government are involved with auto auctions.  Since this is the case, there are a variety of sources that you can utilize in order to find a New Orleans motor vehicle auction.  Many government websites have resources that can help you guide your search.  There are also local searches that you could do as well.  If you compile a list of previous auction houses that the government has used in the past, it will be much easier to keep in an eye out for upcoming government auctions through these auction houses.

If you are looking for a bargain on your next motor vehicle, and live in the New Orleans area, then a government auto auction may be the best choice for your solution.  With so many different government agencies in the New Orleans area holding auto auctions, a bargain is always just around the corner.

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