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Motor Cars For Auction In Louisville, KY

There will always be motor cars for auction in Louisville, KY, the more important factor is determining what type of auction is right for you.  With so many different types of auctions available, it is more important to decide what you are looking for in a vehicle than anything else.  Once you know this, you can find out when the next public auction that has what you want will take place.  You should also keep in mind that like many other areas Kentucky has started to utilize online auto auction sites to promote and/or host many of the auctions.  Here is a closer look at some of the most common types of auctions as well as what types of vehicles that will normally have listed.  Keep in mind that every listing is unique, so any auction could have what you want – some are just more likely than others.

Repossessed Vehicle Auctions

This is probably the most common type of auction in the area.  This will provide you with the greatest variety of motor cars for auction in Louisville.  Since it is impossible to predict exactly what will be repossessed, it may seem impossible to predict what they will have to offer.  In general, you will see two different categories of cars at this type of auction.  The first is newer used cars.  These cars will be only a few years old, at most.  If someone buys a new car and end up getting it repossessed, they will do so within the first 2 years.  This makes repossessed vehicle auctions a fantastic resource for getting less expensive cars that are still nearly new.  The other type of car at these auctions is a much older used car.  These are normally used cars that were purchased and quickly defaulted on.

An interesting factor that makes Louisville, KY unique is that it has historically been a major hub for the railroad.  This is particularly true for freight shipping.  You can benefit from this the same way that major port cities do.  It is surprising how often a company tries to transport a large amount of vehicles, but can’t make the shipping payments.  If this happens, the railroad will seize these vehicles as payment and then enter them in local repossessed vehicle auctions.  This gives these auctions an additional source of vehicles, which increases the total size of the auction.

Government Motor Car Auctions in Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY holds several different types of government auctions.  When you combine the size of the city (it’s the largest in the state) with its volume of railroad freight shipping, it shouldn’t be surprising that the federal government holds a number of GSA auto auctions in Louisville.  Along with federal auctions, the state will hold their auctions in Louisville as well.  Plus, it is the county seat of Jefferson county.  This means that county and city government auto auctions will be held there as well.

These auctions tend to predominantly host fleet vehicles, especially at the federal and state motor car auctions.  The county and city auctions will include fleet vehicles as well as seized and impounded cars.  This means that there is a wide variety of cars on each listing, however it is still normally dominated by one or two specific makes (because fleet vehicles are bought in bulk).

Miscellaneous Motor Car Auctions In Louisville

There are a range of other types of car auctions in the city as well.  These can range from salvage auctions to general public auctions.  Salvage auctions tend to only have salvaged vehicles, however this isn’t always the case.  Other random auctions will normally feature vehicles from local car dealerships.  Most people think that dealerships will sell every car that they accept as a trade-in, however this isn’t always true.  In many cases, they will send these vehicles to auction.  It saves them the time and money involved with reselling these cars themselves.

What Motor Car Auctions in Louisville Are Right For You?

With so many different types of public auctions available, you may want decide what one is right for you.  While any auction could have the car you are looking for, some will have a much higher likelihood than others.

If you are searching for a newer, used car with lower mileage then your best bet will normally be repossession auctions.  You should also keep an eye on local government auctions that feature impounded or abandoned vehicles as well.  While you can save money at these auctions, the car you target will play a large role in your overall savings.  If you are searching for a very expensive or unique vehicle, then you may end up facing more bidders (which means higher prices) than if you were targeting a more common option.

If your main focus is on getting a reliable, quality used car at the lowest prices possible, then government fleet auctions and random dealership auctions are probably your best bet.  Since the government buys cars in bulk, they also end up selling them in large quantities.  You can take advantage of this by targeting whatever car is dominating the listings.  The more of these cars that are listed, the higher your likelihood of ending up with a great deal.  This is normally the type of auction that reports cars being sold at 60%+ below fair market value.  In the end, it is probably worth your time to at least look over all of the motor car auctions in Louisville, KY to see if they have what you are looking for, however some types of auctions will be better suited to helping you fulfill your goals.

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