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Middlesex County Police Auctions for Smart Deals

Middlesex County police auctions have become one of the best suppliers of smart deals for used car buyers.  There are a variety of different ways of vehicles make it into these auctions, which means every listing provides a great deal of variety to choose from.  The key to getting the best deals at Middlesex County police auctions is understanding where vehicles are sourced from as well as developing an effective way to gather and organize information before the auction begins.

Where Do Cars at Middlesex County Police Auctions Come From?

Used cars find their way to Middlesex County police auctions through a variety of different paths.  In most cases, the past has very little impact on the overall quality of the vehicle or how quickly it goes auction.  It is important to note that in order to get into a police auction; the vehicle must have been impounded or seized at one point in time.  The reason this happens vary greatly.  Here's a quick look at the most common reasons vehicles are added to auction listings.

Target of a Car Theft

New Jersey has become known across the country as having one of the highest rates of auto theft.  When a stolen vehicle was recovered, it is first processed by the police department in order to find out who stole it.  Regardless of whether or not the car thief is ever found, the vehicle is eventually released back to the owner.  There are several reasons the owner may decide not to reclaim the vehicle.  The most common reason is they never find out it was recovered.  While the New Jersey Police Department makes every effort to identify and contact the original owner, it isn't always possible.  When a car is stolen, the VIN number is often scratched off or replace completely.  This makes it much more difficult to identify the original owner.

Moving Violations

If a driver in New Jersey is pulled over there is a variety of reasons their car may be impounded.  One of the most common reasons is because they do not have a valid driver’s license or the vehicle is not registered.  There are a variety of additional moving violations which can lead to a car been impounded as well.  Once the car is impounded, the owner goes to court.  The judge gives them a variety of tasks to complete in order to recover their vehicle.  If they are unable to do this or choose not to then it is added to the police auction listing.  One of the most common reasons owners are not able to recover their vehicle is because they cannot afford to pay for the fines, court costs, and impound fees.

Parking Violations

Another common reason vehicles find their way to Middlesex County police auctions is because of parking violations.  If a vehicle receives too many unpaid parking tickets or parks in no parking zones during certain hours of the day their vehicles are automatically towed.  Similar to moving violations the owner must pay court costs, associated fines, and impound fees to recover their car.  If they choose not to do this, then the car is added to the Middlesex County police auction listing.

What to Expect from Middlesex County Police Auctions

Middlesex County holds police auctions on a regular basis.  During certain times of the year, there can be an auction found nearly every week.  Since the auctions are so frequent, the average listing is between 50 and 75 cars.  In order to take advantage of the smart deals, most people participate in multiple auctions before finding the best value.  Fortunately, the auctions are so frequent that taking part in multiple auctions can be accomplished within a short amount of time.

To save time and resources, a majority of Middlesex County police auctions are held online.  They could be either entirely online or utilizing online platform in conjunction with a live auction.  Either way, learning how to take advantage of online auto auction platforms is essential to finding the smart deals.

What Are the Benefits of Online Middlesex County Police Auctions?

Learning how to navigate the online auto auction platform used by Middlesex County provides a variety of benefits, even if live auctions are still available.

Track Every Auction

The most notable benefit is the ability to track every auction simultaneously.  Since auctions happen so frequently, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them.  The online Middlesex County police auction platform provides individuals the ability to track every auction listing from a single location.  Not only does this make all organizing information easy, it also makes it easier to quickly identify the best deals.

Planning and Preparation is Easierauctions held weekly or biweekly, doing the necessary research on each target vehicle is a tall order.  The online

Another benefit of online Middlesex County police auctions is tied to the planning and preparation phase. With auction platform provides significantly more information up front about each vehicle.  Not only does this reduce research time, but it also makes it easier to identify vehicles to target.  Plus, everything is handled in a centralized location so all of the information is easily organized, save, and can be referenced whenever necessary.

Multiple Bidding Options

Depending on how much time someone dedicates to Middlesex County police auctions, the ability to bid in multiple ways can be a huge advantage.  One of the most common ways to bid is proxy bidding.  With this process, a person can place a single maximum bid on a vehicle.  During the auction, a proxy bidder will bid on behalf of the individual and specified increments until the maximum bid limit has been surpassed.  This is the ideal hands-free way to lock in the best deals.  The other option is to bid live.  While this option is primarily tied to live auctions with an online feed the, there are also live online-only auctions.

Saves a Significant Amount of Time 

 Middlesex County police auctions went online in order to save time and resources.  The time savings is not only realized by the County, the by the bidder as well.  There is no reason to waste time driving to and from auctions.  It even eliminates the need to be available during the auction itself when proxy bidding is used.  Depending on the individual's preferences, there are a variety of ways to save time including minimizing research hassles and utilizing a streamline information organization strategy.

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