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Making money through Impounded car auctions

Making money through impounded car auctions is profitable and a variety of models and kinds of vehicles are available at these auctions. The cars cost only a fraction of what they would in the open retail market and are not too old either. Cars at police auctions have usually been impounded because of some violations by their drivers, or are those which belonged to the police fleet and are being replaced by newer models now. The police department has to change their fleet after a certain period and this is a mandatory practice. Their cars are normally in the best condition and have also been driven by expert drivers who maintain the cars in an excellent condition.

Not only are vehicles from the police fleet well maintained, they are also equipped with the latest gadgets like air conditioning, music systems, safety equipment and the interiors and exteriors are in great condition. Buying these cars makes the new owner feel safe and sure that they will not have a sudden problem on their hands in the middle of a journey. Apart from this the cars have clear documents and will give good service on the road.

Impounded cars from the police

For those of you who are planning to buy used cheap cars from the local auctions, the government auctions are the safest and wisest place to visit. The vehicles do not have a problem but have been impounded because of some violation on the part of the driver. This goes to show that the vehicle was actually road worthy and was on the road when it was impounded.

How does one participate in these auctions?

The first step would be to enquire from the police department as to when their next auction will be taking place. You could also get this information from the classified advertisements from the newspapers or from an online search. If you register with one of the auctions during your online search, you can get the complete listings of vehicles which are going to be auctioned here and other details about them. Registration is free with some auctioneers or you may have to pay a very nominal amount to do so. This will help you in deciding on which cars would be suitable for you at any of the vehicle auctions. Most of the used car auctions will also have cars from the police auctions being put up for sale.

Inspect and check the vehicles which you find suitable

Once you have short listed a few vehicles, you should inspect them and check out their history before you participate in the bidding. This is a must no matter which auction you are participating in. All live auctions like the repo auctions and other gov auctions also need to have an inspection of the vehicles prior to bidding for them.

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