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Luxury for Less: Las Vegas Seized Car Auctions

Many venues have laws that provide that the authorities may seize any vehicle that is used in a crime, such as in transporting illegal drugs or other acts of crime.  Sometimes the reason for the seizure may be as small as driving with a suspended license or an unregistered vehicle.  The agency seizing the vehicle obtains a clear title to the unit after a brief legal process and the car is placed on their auction lot.  The primary need for the agency is disposal of the cars as quickly as possible, so they prices are very low, often a fraction of the actual value.  Some of the auctions are heavily attended by car dealers who scoop up as many of the low cost cars as they can.  When the cars are detailed and checked mechanically, they are placed on the used car lot at full retail prices, representing a potentially huge profit for the dealer.

Whatever the reasons for the seizure, Las Vegas seized car auctions are a good place to shop for luxury cars for less money than they bring on a used car lot.  If the auction you wish to attend is for dealers only, you can probably locate a dealer who is planning on attending and accompany them.  For a small fee, they will assist you on evaluating and purchasing the vehicle of your choice.  The small amount you will pay could be a very good investment as you have access to the dealer’s accumulated knowledge of how to check out a used vehicle with an unknown history, after all that is his daily business.

When attending an auction without a professional guide, be sure to arm yourself with knowledge of the true market value of any vehicles you will be searching for and bidding on.  Wholesale and retail prices are available from a number of sources on the internet.  Do a search online for information about any problem areas of these vehicles, also look for any manufacturers’ recalls so you may check to see if the work has been done.  You will not be able to test drive, but you will be able to inspect the vehicles. 

  • Look underneath for any signs of fluid leaks or impact damage. 
  • Check the tires for wear patterns indicating alignment or suspension problems.
  • Check the body panels for any signs of repairs.
  • Look for wear on the carpets and seats.
  • Note the vehicle mileage.
  • Look for any signs that the vehicle has been partially stripped of accessories like stereos and speakers.

Make a list of the vehicles you are interested in and note the price you are willing to pay.  While bidding, note against whom you are bidding; dealers or private parties, you should be able to tell by their actions and appearance.  Don’t go over your planned top price.  Hopefully, you will have made arrangements with your financial institution to pay for any vehicle on which you are the successful bidder.  The rules will vary from auction to auction, but usually you are required to put up an appropriate deposit in cash and then make the full payment via an approved method, shortly thereafter.

Enjoy your new ride.

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