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Luxury cars, lined up at Government Car Auctions

Every time you are waiting at the traffic signal, you see a Porsche or Jaguar next to you, you should think about going to Government car auctions. This is where you can realize your dream of owning a high end car and having it parked right to one of the other cars that have always made you jealous. You too can zoom away in your brand new BMW that you have managed to bid and win at the Government car auctions. It also gives you the feeling of being one among the high society and shows you that a person need not be rich to own one of these fancy cars. The next time you pull into the cinema or a hotel, you will be received as if you were a celebrity, all because you drive a big car. This is what a car can do to a person’s image, which is why everyone wants to drive bigger and better cars and are tired of the smaller low end models.

These government car auctions are the place to go to if you want to take your pick from the hundreds of cars available in the lot. Cars that are sent from the lease companies and banking institutions due to repossession, end up at the auctions. Since the Government wants to rid of all the cars that are stacking up in their lot, they have come up with this unique way of selling the cars and enabling many others to own good cars at cheap prices. The cars could have been seized by the police department, and handed over to the government lots. Such cars will make an appearance on the auction table where interested people can make bids on them and take them home. The cars will range from Lexus, Subarus to Ford, Honda and even Nissan, and will be in decent conditions, some of them might have a few repairs here and there which you need to fix. The price listed will have been calculated keeping in mind the current condition of the car and the market value for such cars. No matter how high the price is quoted, it will be any day lesser than what is available with the car dealers. And the buyer saves on commission given to car brokers and on other charges levied by the dealers.

The Government car auctions will also have other vehicles called surplus vehicles. These are cars that were used by the government officials, police department or the  other forces. They are specialty vehicles used for certain fixed purpose, and once they are used and done with, they come to these government car auctions to be sold off. Any kind of trucks, heavy motorbikes, and other vehicles that have been used will typically bought by people who are collectors, or have been in the force and now retired. They would only know the true value of these machines and will cherish them for life.

Dont be surprised if you see a police jeep or a open truck that is used by the special armed forces here at the auction. These will form part of the fleet of cars that were once used by the officials and now are given away when time has come for the officers to go in for better model cars. Or the government would have changed policies on the kind of cars they need to use on the streets, and so the older ones would have to be decommissioned. You might even spot the odd 4 wheel drives, and SUV’s as part of the auction , these too would be here to find new homes and owners. Almost all the vehicles here would be not more than 2-3years old and in excellent conditions.

The government car auctions consists of cars that are all in good running condition since government officials take great pride in how they handle things and keep them well maintained. The cars will also come with log books that contain information about the car history, how many kilometers it has done and when the last service was carried out. This will give the buyer inputs on how well the car has been taken care of and what he needs to do to keep it that way. Some of the cars might come with a roadworthy certificate issued by the government since they are likely to be under the warranty period. These government car auctions can be done online as well, if you’re interested.

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