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Louisville auto auctions: Government auctions

Well it is now possible to drive out in a shining Honda city which is barely six months old at just half its retail price!!! This unbelievable dream can be made possible by attending one of the many government auctions or police auctions held in Louisville which has become the next hot destination to buy cheap cars. Who wouldn’t like to bring home their dream car at an affordable price? With the growing repo auctions and government auctions or police auctions of the seized cars more and more auto buyers are getting benefited.

To understand the basic difference between repo auctions and auctions of the seized cars : Repo auctions means auctioning of the repossessed cars by the banks or other lending institution when the automobile owner is unable to repay the car loans or had put up his automobile as a collateral to take a personal loan. On the other hand government seizes cars because of its stringent tax laws or incident of fraud by the owner.

The automobiles should at these vehicle auctions are at such cheap prices that it may induce doubts in the mind of the buyers about the quality of the vehicles being auctioned. But all such notions are unwarranted as the reasonable price of the vehicle can be accounted to the fact that usually the banks or police is in a hurry to dispose of these vehicles due to parking problems and also the cost which the government has to incur while storing and safe maintenance of these vehicles.

The advantage of buying the cars from the government held vehicle auctions is that most of these cars are almost as good as new and are in excellent conditions. Moreover you can get all the documents of the vehicles you are going to buy as well as the vehicles history. These government agencies make a buyer aware about all the facts of the vehicle which has been put up for auction. Unlike local auctions where sometimes the original car parts are replaced by the cheap spares you can bank upon the authenticity of car parts if you are participating in these government auctions. Also these vehicle auctions give you the option to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before making a purchase and also allow you to take the vehicle for a test drive.

So before planning to visit repo auctions or police auctions you should have clarity about the make of the vehicle and your budget. You should also keep in mind the running cost and the annual maintenance cost of the vehicle you are trying to purchase. You may get overboard by looking at the huge variety to select from and may end up with a bad bargain. Also while auction don’t try to compete with the fellow bidders but stick with the price you have in your mind. Us government also provide the bidders to try making a vehicle purchase using online auctions. After registration you can view all the details of the vehicle and place a bid online.

So don’t wait for the festive discounts and visit one of these vehicle auctions to drive home in your dream car.

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