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Locate Government Auctions in Arizona for Cheap Car Deals

Consumers, in general, are lucky these days. They don’t have to be stuck with very limited options for the things they need. Take, for example, a car.

As the competition heats up, prices of cars have also come down. They have also become more efficient in terms of mileage and design they can last for many years, giving users an excellent value for their investment.

But even if you think cars are still ridiculously expensive, there are already a number of ways to buy them cheaply, such as through a government auction.

A government auction is an auction organized by the government, such as the state departments and public institutions such as hospitals, schools, and organizations. It’s pretty normal for government agencies to have surplus of assets like vehicles. Like regular consumers, they too need to upgrade cars primarily for safety, ease of maintenance, and efficiency.

In order to get rid of their assets while increasing their funds, they sold them through auctions.

The great thing about these types of auctions is that cars are often sold way below their book value. Most can save as much as 50% than the car’s value in the market.

Government auctions may be private or public. In private auctions, only selected people, usually traders or dealers, those who buy plenty of vehicles, are allowed to participate. In a public auction, it’s open to everyone, even to those who live out of state.

If you’re living in Arizona, you can try to catch these public government auctions by:

Checking for auctions online – It’s as simple as typing “Arizona government auctions” in the Search bar. You can further narrow down the list by using your city or postal code.

Visiting government websites – You can go to Arizona Department of Administration or GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales.

Subscribing to an auctions list – An auctions list is different from the actual auction website. First of all, you cannot place a bid in the auctions list. You won’t be able to see the actual cars that will also be available during the auction.

However, a list is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

It gives you a comprehensive database of government auctions – Websites like, for example, already have thousands of entries and more are added regularly. Many of these auctions are the ones not advertised within your area. You can also look up to auctions in nearby states like Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and California.

You have more choices – If you can’t find the car you want in your local area, you can broaden your search to cover more Arizona cities. Just remember that in case you win the bid, you need to take care of the vehicle’s transport to your home.

You get better value for money – This is because of the many different options! You can easily compare vehicles of the same make and year, for instance.

It saves you the hassle – Almost all the government auctions you need to know can be found in here.

Once you’ve found the auction you’re looking for, learn the mechanics and start bidding.

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