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Live San Francisco, CA Auto auctions: Used Car auctions

If you have planned on buying a used car for yourself, then the best place to do so is the live San Francisco, CA Auto auctions. It is always better to go to a used car auction than to a car dealer as this is where you will get your moneys worth and a much cheaper deal than at any car dealer. For cheap cars which are safe to buy and will give you long years of service make sure you go to some of the local auctions. These auctions have cars from various other live auctions like the police auctions, the repo auctions and several government auctions too.

Why are cars at dealers more expensive

This is because the dealer has to make a profit on his sales and also for the company he is representing. This is then added to the value of the car and the price which was paid for it by the car dealer when he bought it from the auctioneer. Instead it is much more profitable if you go directly to the auctioneers and buy it for yourself. You will end up caving a lot of money instead of paying it to the car dealers. Vehicle auctions are open to the public as well as to the car dealers. So make use of the opportunity which you can avail of and save yourself a good amount of money.
What type of car can you get at an auction

Cars of different makes and models are available at these auctions. You can think about the type of car which will be most suitable for you and then look for it at the various auctioneers. In case you are not able to get the car during one auction do not despair as the auctions keep happening regularly and you can get your car at the next one. There is no need for you to go for something which you are not comfortable with, as auctioneers keep getting cars from various sources and all types of cars keep coming in.
Who can participate in car auctions

It is not necessary for you to be a car dealer to be able to participate in the vehicle auctions. Auctions are open to the public and not only to the dealers. All you have to do is to carry your identity proof so that if you win a bid you should show proof of your identity. Your driving license should suffice.

How do you get to know about the auctions

This is no problem as the auctions are put in all the classified advertisements and newsletter. You can also do an online search and find out about the various auctions which are being held, especially those in your own location. Complete details of the time, date and venue of the auction will be specified on the internet. So look out for the dates when the auctions are being held in your town and make it a point to register with them and see the comprehensive list of cars which will be available here.

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