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Live public Auto auctions in Oklahoma City, OK

The live public auto auctions in Oklahoma City are very popular as they are open to the general public along with registered used car dealers and resellers. These auctions are at times preferred by buyers, over online auctions, because it is possible to inspect the vehicles physically before buying them. The used car dealers and resellers are especially expert at making out the condition of a used car, with the use of its history and records, and physical examination. Hence in spite of the fact that test drives are not allowed at auctions, they are able to buy good quality used cars at very cheap prices.

The most popular category of used car is repo cars and seized cars, sold at government car auctions and police car auctions. These cars are often brand new and are still sold at very low prices. Due to this reason some people tend to believe that they are not of good quality, but that is not the case. The authorities are in a hurry to sell off these cars because they are a major drain in terms of storage costs and maintenance costs. To keep these costs in check the repo cars and seized cars are sold at very low rates in different cities and states of the United States of America.

There are a few basic things one needs to keep in mind while buying cars from used car auctions. First of all it is very necessary to decide upon the kind of vehicle that one intends to buy, because once a person goes to an auction, it is very easy to get confused with the variety of vehicles being sold there. The other thing to be kept in mind is the budget, because the main purpose of buying a used car is to save money, but buyers often tend to get into bidding wars and end up spending more than they intend to. In the process they end up overspending instead of saving money. Hence a buyer should be careful to keep his/her bid within budget.

It is also necessary to make a thorough inspection of the car before starting to bid for it. In most auctions a fixed time is allotted for the inspection of the car, where the history and record of the vehicle is also given to the prospective buyers. No test drives are allowed at most used car auctions; hence it becomes necessary to be careful while inspecting the car. This is the reason why most of the general public shies away from used car auctions. Most people are laymen when it comes to discerning the condition of the vehicle without a test drive. The used car dealers and resellers are however expert at doing just that.

Used car auctions are a great way to save money and yet be able to buy a good quality vehicle of one’s choice. If one is not comfortable at used car auctions, then one can purchase cars from the dealers and resellers, who allow test drives.

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