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The number of cars being seized by the departments of law in the country has increased by thousands of vehicles because of several legal issues and foreclosures and these vehicles are all put up for sale at various repo auctions including the Live Las Vegas, NV Car Auctions. So if you are looking for cheap cars which are worth much more in reality but are being sold at rock bottom prices at used car auctions go for the repo cars. The bidding starts at just $100 and there is a wide selection of vehicles to make your choice from. Cars are being brought to the auctioneers from various sources everyday and they have to be disposed of fast. It is for this reason that the cars are sold at cheap prices so that they do not accumulate and create a problem. These cars also cost the government a lot of money to store and maintain them, to avoid this they are sold as fast as possible at various auctions.

An online search will give you info on repo car auctions

To locate all the repo car auctions that are happening in the country you just have to do an online search. This will give you complete details of every repo auction in all the different towns of the country with all the information on the makes and models of the vehicles and their condition too. Repo vehicles are always in good condition and have clear titles. Along with this the added benefit is that the mileage on these vehicles is low and they are fairly new. This gives you a really wide choice of good vehicles and you can get yourself a great car at a really cheap rate.
Other auctions to look out for

Other live auctions to look out for are the police auctions where you can get cars which are in excellent condition and which have been maintained well. The police department has a large fleet which consists of a variety of vehicles for their different requirements. These vehicles are all equipped with come very modern and intricate electronic equipment which will be sold as is where is along with the cars and the buyer will benefit with these extra accessories. Police vehicles can be found at any of the local auctions and gov auctions. The police fleet though maintained well has to be replaced periodically after a certain length of time has lapsed. So though the cars are in very good condition they will still be disposed off so that the entire fleet can be replaced with the latest models.

All gov auctions are open to the public and you could be one of the lucky ones to get yourself your dream car at a really cheap rate. This could happen again and again as the number of cars coming in every day is beyond being envisaged. Get to the auctions early so that you can select cars which are suitable for you and even if you do not succeed in doing so the first problem, there will be auctions held regularly at the same place shortly.

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