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These days, buying used cars makes better sense as it is more economical and practical. If you are a greenhorn, used cars are ideal options as they are cost effective means to sharpen your driving skills. Moreover, new brands hit the market with amazing regularity, so you won’t be driving a brand for more than a year as per the latest customer trends. Making a staggering investment on a new car would not be a sensible option under these circumstances. By buying used cars, you can try out various models of cars without breaking your bank balance. Thus, buying used cars is a win-win situation for the buyers. 

Listings of New York Cars Online are ready reckoners to know more about used Cars in New York. Thousand of brands and models are lined up for you to pick up the best of the lot. Make sure to pick up a used car under two years of age, which could be safely considered as a sound investment as it just as good as a brand new car. Many owners who have landed in financial constraints by going for a costly new car would sell it off soon to tide over the financial tight spot and these used cars for sale by owner are real bargains. These cars are typically offered at 20-40% less than the prevailing market rate as the owners save a lot vide dealer commission and this benefit is passed over to the buyer of the used cars for sale by owner. Do not buy used Cars in New York that are flogged by chauffeurs and those that are driven for more than 150,000 miles. Do not fall for its cosmetic attraction as it is only a few inches deep of a fresh coat of paint to woo unsuspecting customers.   

Before buying used Cars in New York, make sure to verify the car’s registration, insurance papers and other relevant documents and confirm that there is no lien. Purchasing used cars are great bets alright however, tread with an element of caution and be wary of pitfalls in the market while buying used cars. Steer clear of cars that have met with accidents or that is serviced many a time. Used cars for sale by owner are almost always available in perfect condition and if the used cars flaunt dramatically low price tags then something should be really fishy.  

Before sealing the deal of the used cars in New York make sure to take a test drive of 2-3 used cars of the same brand and model to find out the finest of all. In case you are buying used Cars in New York from a dealer, you should be extremely careful about the hidden clauses and charges and make double sure about the warranty of the car. 

It is very important to get an expert mechanic to inspect the car for you. Thoroughly check both the interiors and exterior of the vehicle to see if all the accessories like indicator lights and air-conditioning are working perfectly. Last but not least, make sure to bargain as car prices are not fixed and if you haggle, it is quite possible that 10-20% of the sales price could be pulled down. 

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