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Liquidation of Autos By Florida Government Auction

Recently there has been a major liquidation of autos by Florida government auctions.  This has become common among many local and state governments over the past several years as they try to cut costs and cut expenses wherever possible.  Maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be very expensive, especially when a percentage of the fleet is not being regularly used.  To remedy this, Florida has started holding liquidation auctions where they feature vehicles that would normally still be used in the fleet for another few months or even years.  Here is a closer look at how these liquidation auctions are different from regular government fleet auctions and how you can benefit from them.

In order to understand why the liquidation of autos by Florida government auctions is being done, it is important to understand what is accomplished.  When the government sells used fleet vehicles at auction, they achieve several goals.  The first is that they save money because they no longer have to maintain and store the vehicle.  Second, they generate income by actually selling the vehicle to the public.  With a liquidation auction, the goals are a little different.  The primary difference is that instead of getting rid of vehicles that are no longer in the fleet, they are getting rid of vehicles that would otherwise still be used.  This means a greater volume of vehicles being sold, plus making the sale is the primary motivation.

So what does this mean for you?

In short, the liquidation of autos by Florida government auctions means better selection and better prices.  In terms of selection the difference isn't going to be the make and model of the vehicles that you find, but rather a greater variance in terms of quality.  There will likely be many more newer vehicles, some less than a year or two old.  This also means that you will be able to find more low mileage vehicles as well. 

When talking about the price of the vehicles, you will benefit in two ways.  The first is that each vehicle will have a lower starting price and are less likely to have a reserve bid amount.  This means that you have a much better chance of finding a great deal and completing the sale.  The second benefit is that you will have less competition on every vehicle that you bid on.  While there is a chance that more people will show up to the auction, there will also be a much greater selection to choose from.  This limits the odds that a lot of people will be bidding against you on whichever vehicle that you want.  This is particularly true if you have a list of potential vehicles because you will have the flexibility to pass up any of them that still have a high level of competing bidders.

As you can see, the liquidation of autos by Florida government auction can provide you with the perfect opportunity to find and purchase a high quality vehicle at an extremely low price.  Not only will a higher quality of vehicle be available, but you will also have less people bidding against you.  With all of these variables combined, there is no reason that you can't save a lot of money on high quality used car.

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