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If you are in need of a quality vehicle, but can't afford a new car, then you might want to head to Lincoln, NE government auctions for reliable motor cars.  The state of Nebraska has been placing more and more vehicles in their government auctions over the past few years in order to compensate for all of the vehicles that are not in the current rotation.  Along with fleet vehicles, there are a number of other types of autos that are placed in these cars as well.  While it seems like every state government is scrambling to create feasible budgets, even as the economy starts to bounce back, Nebraska is in a unique situation that cannot compare with many other states.

During the early 2000's, the state of Nebraska saw one of its largest periods of economic growth in history.  More importantly, both Lincoln and Omaha spent a lot of money swooning big businesses to place their corporate headquarters within the state.  This was done with a number of lucrative tax breaks, which means that now that the state needs that additional tax revenue, they aren't going to get it.  Moreover, during this economic high, Lincoln in particular spent a lot of the extra money growing their pool of fleet vehicles  Instead of selling off the cars that were being replaced, the remained in the regular rotation.

Currently, Nebraska is having problems avoiding a huge budget deficit over the next half decade.  In fact, the estimated two year deficit for 2011 and 2012 could be as high as $679 million. 

So what does this have to do with going to Lincoln, NE government auctions for reliable motor cars?  

One of tactics that state, county, and local governments are using to help minimize the looming deficit is auctioning off a majority of the unused fleet vehicles  All of these autos are still very reliable because they were replaced by newer vehicles after only a few years of use.  That means that you get to take advantage of this unique situation with great savings.  

As an added bonus, there will be less competition at Lincoln, NE auto auctions this year than every before.  Over the last 5 years, the state of Nebraska has had a bleeding population rate, which means that more people are moving out the area than into it.  Because of this, the number of people attending these auctions has also declined.

When you combine an influx of reliable autos and a decrease in interested buyers, you get lower prices.  If there was ever a time to consider heading to Lincoln, NE government auctions for reliable motor cars, then this is it.  You will have a better chance over the next half decade to find great deals throughout the entire state than ever before.  This is a very unique situation that can be seen in very few other states.  While many states are battling budget issues, Nebraska is one of the few that actually has the extra government owned vehicles that can be added to the auction block.

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