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Lexus Car Auctions: Buy a Lexus car from any state and get any model that you are looking for at bargain prices

The Lexus cars are expensive luxury cars that are difficult to buy for an average Joe. If you are really fond of buying a Lexus car for your use at a cheap price then you have to buy one form the Lexus car auctions. You can get any model used cars that are in good conditions only in these auctions. The dealership charges and the middle man fees can be bypassed when you search for your favorite model in the Lexus car auctions.   

Seized car auctions

US government seizes many hundreds of cars daily from people who forfeit laws. These seized cars are given off to the public through seized car auctions. You can get upto 90% off the book value of these cars. You can purchase your favorite model Lexus car for as low as $2000 where the original value may be something around $20000. You must look for announcements in the media for seized car auctions. You will be allowed to inspect and test drive the car if you win the bid. 

Government auctions

Government auctions are held often by the US government for selling the seized or repossessed cars. The government takes the acquisition of those cars owned by criminals or frauds. You can buy any model of your favorite car in these government auctions. Sometimes the cars and vehicles owned by the government agencies are also sold in the auctions. When you are looking for buying dirt cheap cars you need to watch out for government auctions. 

Used car auctions

It is a myth that only dealers can buy cars in used car auctions. Anyone who is interested in buying cheap cars can participate in used car auctions. Sometime you may even come across one month old cars in these used Lexus car auctions. Some dealers may also sell these near brand new cars purchased from used car auctions in their show rooms at a higher price.  

When you have decided to buy a car from Lexus car auctions you need to put in some effort. You have to collect details regarding the auction and you must also inspect and assess the condition of the car before finalizing your deal. If you can put in this little effort then you can buy your car of any model for 80% of the book value.

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