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Land Rover Auctions for Quality Cars in Virginia Beach

Land Rover auctions are a great place to find quality cars in Virginia Beach VA.  There are a variety of popular spots for off-roading in the area which has made the Land Rover a popular vehicle around the area.  Along with Land Rovers there are a variety of additional opportunities for getting quality cars in Virginia Beach at below market prices.

Why Are Land Rover Auctions a Popular Source of Quality Cars in Virginia Beach?

There are a number of reasons the Land Rover is a popular choice in Virginia Beach, but two stands apart from the rest.

  • Ideal for Off-Roading

While the off-roading landscape around the Virginia Beach area has changed dramatically over the past five years, there are still a variety of excellent locations for off-roading in a Land Rover.  This has made Land Rover auctions a popular or deal in Virginia Beach.

  • Large Quantity of After-Market Supplies for Parts and Modifications

The second reason the Land Rover is a popular target at Virginia Beach car auctions is the growing amount of after-market supplies and parts.  Since the Land Rover is often used for off-road in, having a steady stream of aftermarket supplies and parts is essential.  There are a variety of unique modifications which make this vehicle the ideal off-road option for any terrain.  Plus, if anything breaks it can easily be replaced and repaired.

  • Land Rover Auctions in Virginia Beach Offer a Great Selection

Land Rover auctions are also a popular source of other types of quality cars in Virginia Beach.  These auctions include much more than off-road vehicles.  This makes them an ideal source for people looking for any type of reliable car.  As an added benefit, since many people who show up to these auctions are specifically focused on Land Rovers the rest of the vehicles have few competing bidders.  This means significantly lower prices on quality, reliable used cars.

Particularly Popular Land Rovers at Virginia Beach Auctions

Even at Land Rover auctions in Virginia Beach, the selection of Land Rovers is varied from one auction to the next.  There are a handful of specific Land Rovers which gain more attention than the rest.  Anyone looking for a quality Land Rover should pay close attention any time the specific models show up on the listing.

  • 1997 Land Rover Defender 90

One of the most highly sought after options at these auctions are the 1997 Land Rover Defender.  1997 marked the last year the Land Rover Defender 90 was imported into the United States.  Since the defender could not add front seat airbags without a complete redesign, US regulations prohibited it from being imported.  This is unfortunate because the 1997 defender sol significant upgrades including a 4.0 liter V8 engine.

  • Land Rover LR2 (Introduced in 2008)

The Land Rover LR2 is another popular option at auction in Virginia Beach.  It is the successor to the Freelander and considered to be a huge step forward.  In general, the specific model is not popular in America although it was a bestseller in Europe.  The primary reason it was not popular is because it lacked a two speed transfer cage.  At the same time, it was significantly roomier, versatile, and more powerful than the previous versions.  Anyone who purchased it instantly fell in love with it because the engine and transmission is a perfect match for scaling sand walls.

  • 2012 Range Rover Evoque

Anyone interested in attending auctions and targeting a newer Land Rover is immediately drawn to the 2012 Range Rover Evoque.  This vehicle marked a number of breakthroughs for Land Rover.  Many people consider it to be the most publicized arrival since the first Land Rover was introduced to the American market in 1987.  It is easily the lightest and most fuel-efficient Land Rover ever created.  It dominated got rave reviews and was named the 2012 sport/utility vehicle of the year from multiple parties.

Anyone attending Land Rover auctions for quality cars in Virginia Beach will be impressed with the growing selection, whether they want a specific Land Rover for simply a reliable, quality used car.  The frequency of auctions continues to increase, which provides the general public greater access and more opportunities to find exactly what they want.

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