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Impound Caterpillar in Henderson, NV For Cheap Deals

If you looking for a good deal on CAT heavy equipment, then keeping an eye on impound auctions and sales is a great solution.  In Henderson, NV, there are a number of opportunities to get cheap deals on impounded Caterpillar equipment. 

It is important to note that in Henderson, NV private towing companies are almost always used by government officials, such as the police.  This means that in order to find impounded CATs, you must search individual towing companies.  Fortunately, there are several towing companies that are often used to impound heavy equipment as well as hold public sales or auctions in which they can be obtained.

1. Quality Towing

Quality Towing is one of the primary towing companies used by the Henderson, NV police department, especially in the case of heavy equipment.  In fact, they even have a separate hotline specifically for heavy equipment towing.  Quality Towing holds an auction every Saturday in which all of their locations come together in their North Las Vegas Auction Yard. 

2. Walker Towing

Walker Towing is another excellent towing company that has the ability to take care of heavy equipments.  While they only have one auction every month, this means that there is a much higher chance of impounded CATs being found.  Additionally, their auction is on the last Wednesday of every month at noon.  Because of the time and date of the auction, there is often much less competition than with the more standard weekend auctions.  With less competition, there is a much higher chance that you will find an impounded CAT in Henderson, NV for cheap deals.

3. Ewing Brothers

Ewing Brothers is another towing company that is very active in the Henderson, NV area.  They normally hold an auction on a weekly basis, however once in a while they skip a week because of the number of vehicles available to sell, so make sure to confirm that they are actually holding the auction.  They have an online list of every prospective vehicle that will be at the auction, which will make keeping an eye out for CATs simple.  They tend to have a very diverse auction that includes not only cars and trucks, but also mopeds, motorcycles, boats, and heavy equipment.

4. The Tow Truck Company

The Tow Truck Company has been regarded as one of the fastest growing companies in Southern Nevada.  They hold two auctions a month, one on the second Saturday and one on the last Saturday.  This auction has all available vehicles from all of their impound lots.  This includes trucks, cars, industrial trucks, RV’s, and more.

Buying a brand new CAT is extraordinarily expensive, which is why so many people are searching for another option.  The best option is to search for impounded CATs in Henderson, NV for great deals.  To save some time, it is best to make sure that the towing companies that you are watching have the capability to tow heavy machinery.  The four most popular towing companies that have this capability are Quality Towing, Walker Towing, Ewing Brothers Towing, and The Tow Truck Company.

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