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Huntington Beach, CA auto auctions Guide

For better value for money it is always useful to get a Huntington Beach, CA auto auctions Guide so that you are aware of what sort of cars you will be bidding for at the used car auction. Auto auction guides tell you about the various factors of bidding and how to go about it and also give you a list of cars which are going to be available at the auction. This guide can be downloaded from the internet and can save you from making a lot of mistakes at your fist attempt at bidding at an auction. Usually a novice at bidding may face greater competition from the experts and the regular bidders like the dealers and agents and would have to learn a thing or two from them to do his own successful bidding. 
What are some bidding factors to keep in mind?

Once you have decided on getting yourself one of the cheap cars from a live auction then you should be prepared to do some research and get to know a little more before you actually jump to bidding. It is best to do the initial research on the internet as this will save you a lot of leg work and you can get a lot more information in a shorter period of time online. All you have to do is to search for the auctions that are going to take place in your own locality and register with some of them to get a complete database of the cars which they are putting up for sale. Now you would have to select a few cars which suit your own requirement and shortlist them. Though you plan to buy only one car it is better to short list a few as you may not get the one car you have selected while bidding. So if you have a multiple choice you can go for another one if your bidding on one fails. This way you do not come back disheartened from the auction.
Inspect the cars you have short listed

Auctioneers permit potential buyers to inspect the cars they are interested in. so it is better to do a physical inspection on the short listed vehicles and see what the defects are, examine the interiors and the exteriors and get to know the true condition of the vehicle. Most local auctions will allow you to take an expert mechanic along to help you to examine the car. 
Get the market value of the car

Before you start bidding for the car you should know the market value of this particular model and type. So scout around and find out what the price in the outside market would be and then gauge your own bidding amount. Most cars at government auctions are sold at less than half the market value of the car. So with this in mind keep an upper limit for your bidding and do not go beyond it when you attend the vehicle auction.

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