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How to Negotiate Better and Save Money When Buying Your Car

The main purpose of heading towards auto auctions is to get a good deal and save money while buying a car. Across the world, when people turn 18 and become eligible for their drivers’ license, they aspire to own a car, of their own. Most of them cannot afford to buy a brand new car, and so think about picking one up at the auto auctions. The main purpose of doing this is to get the car of their desire at a cheaper price.  Also since there is no fixed price on the car, they can get it at a price bid by them, provided they make the highest bid. They can also save on tax and depreciation while choosing to buy a used car.

If they were to buy a car through their local car dealer, it would involve a lot of other costs as well.  They would have to pay the dealer for his services, and some even demand a commission on the sale price. This means, you don’t really save any money by buying a used car. And the time spent on making visits to see the car at its current owner’s place could eat into their work time, which means they will have to take off from work, and this could happen more than once. Therefore by purchasing cars from auto auctions, they save time, and thereby money as well on the purchase.

The dealer might also expect you to pay for servicing and doing the necessary repairs on the vehicle before delivering it to you. All these are costs that you can avoid while making the purchase from an auction. You will also notice that these auctions do contain good quality cars and bikes, which are in good condition as well. Yes, they might have been possessed by someone before you, but are here because the person could not afford to pay for it, or committed a crime due to which the vehicle was repossessed. Police auctions are also places where you find good cars, mainly being sold because the department would have bought new cars.

When you have identified the vehicle, take it for a test spin. Most of the auctions allow spending about an hour in seeing if the car you bought is what you really wanted.

If the car runs smoothly but there are a few hiccups, get it evaluated by your mechanic. He will give you his assessment of the vehicle and how much it is really worth. You can save a lot of money this way.

Get the update on whether the vehicle has been in accident or has had major repairs done. Sometimes the mechanic will be able to find out things about the car that wouldn’t be mentioned on a report.

Be prepared to negotiate for the price when dealing with car dealers.  Give them the facts you discovered about the car and quote a fair price. While at auctions, don’t bid for more than what its worth.

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