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How To Locate A Public Car Auction Near You

Everyone wants to buy new cars but most people are restricted by budgetary considerations. But if you have decided to buy a used car for yourself or a family member and want a good bargain to boot, then no place other than a public car auction can resolve your dilemma. Attending public car auctions is a splendid way to save money because anybody can bid for cars put up for sale at these auctions that are generally held by government agencies or by private parties. Public car auctions take place generally in all states and that too very regularly but locating them is not really easy since they are not publicized much. At the same time, finding a public car auction in your vicinity is not very tough provided you keep your eyes and ears open.
Open the classifieds: The first step involved in locating a car auction is to regularly go through the local classifieds. These newspapers are a rich source of information since putting up advertisements in classifieds is very cheap and yields an excellent response also. There are some specialized vehicle newspapers and magazines available that publish the auction venues, dates and vehicle lists also.

Local car auctions are a better choice: A public car auction near you may turn out to be a great place where you could strike a fantastic bargain. Usually, visiting a local car auction proves to be a better decision, for you save the fuel, time and extra effort that would be used in reaching an auction far away. Such auctions are smaller than national ones and are restricted to specific areas. Apart from this, local car auctions have lesser competition which means that the bidding war does not touch great heights and the customer stands to gain by striking a good bargain. If you have something specific on your mind, then there might be no competition at all.

Take help from car auction websites: The internet can be a great help to anybody who is willing to visit their first car auction. No matter where you are living, online information is readily available that guides you to the auctions planned in your city and state. Information about auctions that might be happening at a very close location may also prove useful. Most internet sites related to car auctions will provide you with lists of vehicles being put up for sale, starting bids and vehicle identification numbers for many auctions or whenever such information is available.

Keep your ears open for word of mouth publicity: Not all car auctions are heavily publicized through newspapers or the internet because they are held by private auction companies who do not have big budgets for supporting advertising campaigns. These auctions are not even available on the internet and solely depend on word of mouth publicity. Bargain-wise, such places prove to be ideal because the number of bidders involved is less. Also, such auctions do not aim at high profit margins and subsequently, offer their buyers a good deal.

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