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How To Locate A Government Car Auction

All of us want to buy good cars at cheap prices and if you also want to get a good bargain on a used car, then a government car auction is the place to head to. Government car auctions are the best places to pick up used cars, some of which are sold at ten to twenty per cent of their actual market value. However, most people keep buying cars from dealers and private sellers because they ignorant about where and how these auctions are held. However, with our tips on locating car auctions, you should easily be able to find and make your way to one very soon.

· A vigilant eye can surely catch a government car auction because small notices are given out in local newspapers. Regularly read the classifieds and you will be able to locate ads about the time and venue of future car auctions.

· Another difficulty faced by people in general is that these auctions are held at places far from their locality. This means spending extra time, money and energy for reaching auction venues for initial inspection of vehicles and even for the final auction also. But one needs to realize that it is in these auctions that the best bargains are struck because of lesser people being involved in the bidding. The deals at such auctions are worth every hardship incurred and give true satisfaction to the buyer.

· Large and high level auctions are sometimes publicized in local as well as national newspapers, but this means that a large number of people would be attending it. A huge mass of attendees and bidders adds to the competition and decreases your chances of getting a good bargain.

· Not always is the government keen to pay for massive advertisements because vehicles are generally sold at very cheap rates compared to their actual market value. Therefore, small privately owned auction companies take up the car auctions of government repossessed cars. These small companies are not widely known and this is where you can get the best possible deal.

· If you are really interested in saving your hard earned money, then you need to do some fieldwork also. Try and contact government agencies at different levels and collect timely information on auction location and programs. It is not very easy to do so but the possibility of striking a good bargain is very high if you manage to attend a low publicity auction.

· Apart from inquiring on a regular basis from government agencies on local, federal and state levels, it is a good idea to keep checking with local tax departments and law enforcement agencies, since these are major participants in government held car auctions and also hold their own auctions.

· The easiest and fastest way of locating government car auctions in your area is to get online and check out specially compiled online directories. These online directories cover car auctions being held across the country and you can easily information about car auctions in your area.  All you need to do is pay a low one-time fee and get unlimited access to a vast online database. 

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