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Buying a new car without getting cheated is extremely tough nowadays what with every dealer and car salesman being out to earn as much as possible from each and every unassuming customer. Bargaining for a new car is tougher than negotiating for a used car and in most cases, you will be forced to pay much more than what your new car is really worth. Before you start visiting dealerships for your new car, go through our tips here that will help you in getting the best possible price for your new car.

Shop around: Different dealers always offer different deals no matter what. Therefore, going to a single dealer and accepting whatever he or she gives you is an extremely foolish move. Try to visit as many dealers as possible and examine the deals that they provide. Bargain with all of them and finally decide on the deal that suits you the most. If you go to a single dealer, you actually do not have any bargaining power at all.

Keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself: Car dealership salesmen feed on your enthusiasm and euphoria. The moment you let them know that you really love a car, that is the moment that its price goes up, the car becomes the most in-demand car in the world and starts coming with a whole lot of terms and conditions attached. Even if you really love a car, keep your thoughts to yourself, act flighty and undecided and as if you really do not fancy the car much. This would make your salesman actually bring out the deals, rebates and the free accessories that will help you in landing a better deal.

Carry the folder: The “folder” has become an extremely important dealing instrument involved in buying a new car. This “folder” is nothing but a collection of documents and research that should help you in avoiding the most common dealer tactics. You should carry your credit reports and credit score so that a dealer cannot fool you with a bogus credit score and force a costlier car loan on you. Apart from this, you should carry quotes from other dealers and online sources about the cost of your car, insurance and extended auto warranty so that you are not given a price that’s higher than the going online rate in any case.

Check about the fees: Car dealers in America are notorious for applying a number of useless and meaningless fees to the price of your car. As such, dealers asking you to pay their advertising and storage costs are pretty common and most dealers consider this an extremely legitimate fee that can never be waived. So make your dealer outline all the fees that he is charging you and ask him or her to explain everything to you. If you are not satisfied with a particular explanation, flatly refuse to pay that fee. Make sure that you do not pay common scam fees like drive off deposits, dealer prep and dealer floor-plan maintenance fee since these are all bogus fees, either already paid by the manufacturer or made up by the dealer to line his own pocket.

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