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How To Get A Better Deal When Buying Your Car

There are always ways and means by which you can buy a car that you’ve been wanting and get a good deal on it. But the one thing to keep in mind is to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Here are some ways by which you could get a better deal than you anticipated on the car,

1. Go in for car purchase during holiday seasons. This is when most people are focused on buying gifts, which hardly anybody goes towards car shopping. And during Christmas and new years, you will find a lot of dealers giving interesting offers on cars. They might give you free CD player, alarm system or scratch protection painting. Ask around on what is available where and then go in for the purchase

2. Another option is to visit car dealers during August or September. This is when new cars are introduced in the market, and so dealers will be busy trying to sell the existing older models. So, you might get a better deal and a discount on the prices.

3. If you have not had good experiences with car dealers, you can look on the internet for some good deals. Online car shopping and ofcourse auto auctions are fast catching on around the world. You never know, you just might find the best deals there on the net.  This will also save you time and money spent looking around at various lots, and haggling with the dealer for a good price.

4. You can also check out with various dealers on what the rates are and then go pick it out from the one quoting the lowest price, or whom you are most comfortable with.

5. Keep yourself updated on the various scams that happen when dealing with auctions and car dealers. This way, you will be one step ahead if a dealer tries to con you into spending more than you intended on a run down car.

6.  If a dealer promises to pay off any outstanding you have on the car you want to trade in, be wary. Most of the time they will not do it and you might end up paying for a new car and continuing to pay for a car you don’t own.

7. When you pick out a car from a catalogue and if the dealer tells you that they can get it for you within a month, and asks for a deposit, do not make the payment. You are likely to be told later on there is a delay, and they might try selling another car to you.

8. Make an inspection of the car with your mechanic before paying the price. This will save you a lot of money, since the mechanic will give you an estimate on how much the car is really worth.

9. The most important of all is to do as much research as possible on the internet, and have a discussion with your finance person.

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