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How to find Police and Government Auctions in Detroit

Government and police auctions are the best place to land good deals if you are planning to buy a car. The car auctions conducted by the government provide you with cheap cars. Michigan state government now allows local residents also to avail the benefits of police auctions. The cars sold in such auctions are seized cars mostly used by the owner. The cars are brought down to the police or government custody from fire stations, law enforcement departments, hospitals, banks, the military etc.  Since it is a government undertaking the cars are usually genuine and one need not worry about the authenticity of the papers and the quality of the car. There are many such auctions conducted in Detroit throughout the year.

The government websites are a very good source of information on the police used car auctions held in Detroit. The details regarding the police office concerned and the location with the date and time would be definitely put up on the website. Another very good method to get details of such auctions is to enquire at the nearest police station of your locality. The notice board would contain information of the auctions held during the week or month or some officer would be certainly willing to help.

Most of the usual used car auctions sell defective pieces and hence care should be taken and caution exercised. But government and police auctions are very reliable and mostly the used cars put up for auctions would be in good condition. The cars are sometimes just a couple of days old and would have been seized by the law enforcement or police. In police auctions there would be a variety of models available and bidding on them is easy and very transparent. There would be cars in hundreds and the problem would be to zero in on the one you want. The cars are given away at very cheap prices and the buyer would certainly have no regrets.

Online auctions are also taking place nowadays. You can bid for the vehicle of your choice by sitting in front of your computer in the warmth of your house. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to check the interiors and the actual working condition of the vehicle that you had bid for. The vehicle can be delivered to your house too. So the whole purchase can be done without even stepping out of your home.

Live police auctions are held throughout the state and getting information on them is easy. They are advertised in the local dailies and on the classifieds. The local banks and post offices also would have information regarding government auctions. The advertisements are put up everywhere so that a large number of people come for the auction and the government can dispose off the cars at the earliest. Most of the cars seized require high maintenance and the government finds it difficult to manage and maintain such a huge number of cars and other vehicles.

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