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How to find car auctions in my area?

There are many ways of finding car auctions in your own vicinity. One way would be to do the search yourself and contact government agencies in your town to see if there are any auctions happening. Financial institutions and banks can also give you information on the cars that have been confiscated for nonpayment of loans. Other than these you can go directly to the various auctioneers who assist banks and other financial organizations, and see what they have for sale and when these auctions will be happening.

Most government auctions appear in the classified advertisements of all the local newspapers as this is mandatory prior to conducting auctions. There is usually a fixed day for such advertisements to appear in the papers. All information about county or local auctions and listings and notices appear only in certain papers, so you will have to find out which papers these are.

Auction information through directory services

The other way to go about finding information on the local auctions is through an online directory service which will give you most of the information which you require for which they have a fee. There is a one time payment required and you can avail of unlimited service online and access all the auctions which are being held and the listings. Paying the fee is worth while as you will be able to save a lot of money on the car.

Information on participation in auctions

There are companies which provide information on how to go about an auction and what the participation entails along with a complete list of the auctions. Besides this there are several online sites which cater to government auctions and can give you all the information with dates and timing and venues of all the auctions in the country. You can select the auctions which are closest to you and make a note of the dates. However, it is always better to recheck the date and time before you attend the auction as there is every possibility of there being a change.

The other option is to go to car dealers and agents and get more information from the.

Short list a few cars from the auctions

It is always better to short list a few cars which you find suitable for yourself at the auctions. Do not depend on a single choice as if this is a really good vehicle there will be many bidders for it and you may loose the bid. So instead of facing disappointment you should have a second choice which you can bide for.

There is no need to loose heart as these auctions happen at regular intervals and you can always try again at another auction which will not be too much later. The cars that are being put up for auction keep rolling in regularly and are so many that the auctions have to be held often to try and sell the cars off and save the government some money on storage and maintenance of these vehicles.

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