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How to find Auto auctions in Las Vegas, NV

How to find auto auctions in Las Vegas is a question running in the minds of most used car enthusiasts in Las Vegas. These car auctions in Las Vegas are held at regular intervals and are advertised in the local newspapers and on local television channels. Moreover directories on many websites also give information about the various auto auctions being held in Las Vegas and other cities and towns of the country.

Most auto auctions in Las Vegas, auction used cars, though at times one can even find new cars being auctioned at these auctions. The most popular used car auctions are the repo car auctions and seized car auctions. These auctions are particularly a favorite with used car dealers and resellers. These authorized dealers buy good quality used cars at the police car auctions and government car auctions and then sell them at a higher price in the open market. In this way they stand to make large profits. In fact some of these auctions are open only to dealers and resellers whereas few used car auctions are open to the general public.

It is very important to inspect a vehicle properly before buying it because the used once bought cannot be returned under any circumstances. This is slightly difficult for the layman, because test drives are not allowed at police car auctions and government car auctions. Hence most people prefer to buy used cars from used car dealers and resellers. This is because the dealers are expert at judging the condition of a car by looking at its history and records and by close inspection. The general buyers can then take a test drive and purchase the vehicle of their choice from the dealer.

Some people tend to carry the impression that because the cars at repo car auctions and seized car auctions are sold at dirt cheap rates, there is something wrong with the vehicles. But this is not the case at all. The repo cars and seized cars are the cars repossessed from individuals when they fail to pay the car loan or offer the vehicle as collateral against another loan. At the same time the seized cars are seized from individuals involved in either tax evasion and fraud or some other illegal activity. The government is then faced with the task and expenditure of maintaining and storing these cars. This cost is a major drain on the budget as thousands of cars are seized and repossessed throughout the United States. Hence the authorities are always in a hurry to sell off these vehicles.

At the same time it is also wrong to believe that the seized cars belonged to the mafia or other such dangerous criminals. This is due to the fact that seized cars are taken from individuals involved in something as simple as driving with an invalid license. Hence it is a good idea to buy cars from repo car auctions and seized car auctions because it is possible to get cars at astonishingly low prices.

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