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How To Export US Cars: Import Cars To Canada From The US

Exporting cars from the US into Canada is not a simple task, but that does not deter thousands of people carrying out this job every year. If you are also planning to import a car to Canada from the US, then given below is a brief list of the steps that you would need to undertake for the process.

1. The first thing that you will need to do is find out if the car you want to buy is admissible into Canada. You can find this information at

2. Get your car insured by a Canadian insurance company so that you are covered by insurance right from the time that you pick up your car in the US. When you pick up your car from a US dealer, you will be provided with a temporary license plate with which you can drive around for a month in both US and Canada.

3. In order to cross into Canada, you will have to fax your car’s Certificate of Title to the US Customs post from where you plan to enter Canada. The customs office will need at least three days to process your title and allow for exporting the car to Canada, so make sure that this process gets completed at least three to four days before you reach the border. You will only be allowed to take your car through the customs post to which you have sent your documents. When leaving, you will have to get your Certificate of Title stamped for export by U.S. Customs.

4. Before leaving the US, ask your car manufacturer to provide a “proof of recall clearance document”, since this will be required to register your car in Canada.

5. Once you enter Canada, you will have to pass through the Canadian Customs office, where you will be required to produce your car’s Certificate of Title and Bill of Sale, duly stamped for export by the US Customs Office. You will also be required to pay certain taxes—GST-7%, Excise Tax-CAD$100 and other fees if applicable. Either have cash ready or enough money on your credit card to pay at least $300 or so apart from the GST. You will be given Form 1 of the Vehicle Import Form, which you will need to get your car registered in Canada.

6. Once in Canada, you will have to get your vehicle undergo both a safety as well as a vehicle emission inspection.

7. You will be sent Form 2 –Vehicle Import Form in the mail after about 15 days of entering Canada. You will be required to take the Form 1 and Form 2 of the Vehicle Import Form and the “proof of recall clearance document” to a federal inspection center that will check whether your vehicle confirms to Canadian vehicle standards and will be recommended changes or additions if required.

8. In order to get a Canadian license for your vehicle, you will have to report to your local vehicle license issuing office with your vehicle’s Form 1, bill of sale, original title, safety inspection certificate , insurance certificate and  emission inspection certificate and pay for your license plate and sticker. You will also be required to pay a Provincial Sales Tax amounting to 8% of the value of your vehicle. After a few days, your car will be licensed and your Canadian Certification Label will be sent to you by mail.

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