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How To Attend Dealer-only Auto Auctions When You Are Not A Dealer

Auto auctions are becoming increasingly popular in the US for everyday citizens to purchase their next car.  Everyone is watching their pennies and any way to save a few bucks is worthwhile.  There are many public auto auctions that anyone can attend and register to bid.  But there are also dealer-only auctions that are generally restricted to local car dealers.  It is where they buy wholesale used cars for resale in their dealership.

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to attend and buy from these dealer car auctions if you are not a dealer?  Well here are a few ways to do get in:

  1. Become friends with a dealer.  This is not that hard (particularly if they think they are going to get something out of it) and then you can either tag along with them or get them to bid and buy on your behalf.
  2. Some dealer-only auctions do not require a dealer’s license but only a regular business license.  Check with the auction you wish to attend beforehand to find out what their requirements are.
  3. Be-friend a mechanic by offering them $100 to tag along with them next time they attend a car auction.
  4. Ask your mechanic, friends and neighbors if they know of anyone who can get you into a dealer-only auction.  You may be surprised at who knows who.

Even if you attend a dealer-only auction and don’t buy a car, you will at least see the professionals in action and learn how to bid yourself.  But be prepared – it is fast paced with auctions commencing and finishing very quickly.

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