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How I saved $50K at Springfield, MA Car Auctions

Buy cheap cars at Springfield government auctions and you would be telling the world “How I saved $50K at Springfield, MA Car Auctions”. Well, to get to that stage where you can show off your car, you will need to know what these auctions are, how exactly to find these auctions and how to get the car you want.

Government car auctions explained

Government auctions are the used car auctions that sell cars to anyone, and not just dealers. In brief, know that the government has surplus cars from various sources. It cannot afford to maintain these cars forever. To get money at the earliest, these vehicles are sold really cheap at local auctions for the general public. And you can buy your vehicle at gov auctions.

Sources of cheap cars

Banks take away cars from people who cannot pay back their loans. These repossessed vehicles are sold at government repo auctions. The police department has a steady stream of cars seized from the criminals and swindlers caught for illegal activities. Now these are mostly big fish that own big cars! Their cars end up at police auctions as government property. Next, the government fleet is refreshed every few years, with older vehicles being sold off at live auctions and online auctions.

Finding these vehicle auctions

You need not have to look through every other newspaper for updates. You need not take a day off from work to hunt for auctions in your city. Instead, get online and look at 2-3 good auction web sites with a large up-to-date database of all gov auctions around you. Springfield has no dearth of regular auctions. List out the ones in which you want to participate.

Doing the groundwork

You have to do your homework in advance to avoid any regrets. Proper preparation takes little time and saves you a lot of hassle. Government auctions have web sites on the internet. You get tons of tutorials on how to save cash at vehicle auctions. Find those elusive handy hints and get smarter than your competing bidders. Now, keep a Kelly Blue Book with you to know for sure the trade-in rates of the cheap cars on sale. Keep some cash with you for on-the-spot preliminary payment for your car.

How to save money

Know how much to pay. Never overshoot your spending limit, blinded by the prospect of a luxury car. Restrict your bid limit to 60% or 70% of the actual market worth of the car you seek to buy. In case you don’t find good deals or the bid amount is getting too high, leave the auction and go for the next. Remember, there is no dealer to stay and haggle with. Always bid just a little higher than the previous high bid. Many successful bidders save thousands of precious dollars in this way. Also think of reselling the cheap cars you buy. This is equivalent to doubling your savings! Go ahead, bid wisely and tell others your happy story of bidding at government vehicle auctions.

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