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How Do I Find a Cheap Car at Florida Car Auctions?

The first question everyone has to answer once they decide to take advantage of public car auctions is how to find them.  Unfortunately, simply locating a local auction isn’t enough.  In order to successfully find a cheap car at Florida car auctions, you must be able to locate the auction, target the right cars, and make sure you don’t overpay.  There are a variety of different ways you can approach each of these situations, however there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  This is a closer look at the top 10 most effective tips which will help you find a cheap car at Florida car auctions.

1.  Identify Upcoming Auctions As Early As Possible

The sooner you can identify upcoming auctions, the sooner you can start preparing.  Most people rely on their local classifieds in order to discover when the next auction is.  While this can be effective, it is an exceptionally time-consuming task.  This is especially true when multiple auctions are listed for the upcoming month.  A much simpler approach is to utilize online auto auction websites which will automatically alert you to every upcoming auction in your designated area.  The best part is you have complete control over deciding how small or large your target area is.

2.  Identify Target Vehicles Early

For most people, the likelihood that they will find cheap cars at Florida car auctions is determined before the auction even begins.  The importance of preparation cannot be understated.  Getting access to the upcoming listings as early as possible provides you with the ability to do all of the initial research well in advance.  This will allow you to identify the cars which will most likely provide the best deals before showing up for the preview.  As a result, you can spend more time learning about the cars you want and deciding how much you are willing to bid on them.

3.  Look at Historical Trends

Some auctions in Florida always seem to have a higher quantity of cheap cars than others.  By paying attention to recent auction results, you will gain a much clearer picture of which types of cars tend to be cheaper.  The final price you pay at auction is based entirely on supply and demand.  Once you identify the cars which have a lower demand, you will be able to easily determine which Florida car auctions consistently provide more cheap cars to choose from.

4.  Take Advantage of Mechanics

In order to truly by a cheap car, you must consider both the purchase price as well as any necessary repairs.  Spending $500 on a car isn’t a great deal if you will end up spending an additional $5000 in repairs over the next several months.  By bringing a mechanic or someone who can easily repair most mechanical problems to the auction with you, it will be easier to accurately estimate if any additional repairs will be needed and how much those repairs will cost.  As a result, you will have a clearer picture of the total costs associated with buying each car you are interested in.

5.  Pay Close Attention to the VIN Number

There are several reasons you should always pay close attention to the VIN number.  The first reason is the VIN number will allow you to quickly get an accurate car history report.  This report will alert you to any significant damage the car has suffered in the past.  They could also provide some insight as to the potential problems which could creep up in the future.  The second reason the VIN number is important is because it will let you know if the car is still entirely intact.  The VIN number can not only be found on the dashboard, but also on several other areas of the vehicle.  If the VIN number is different across multiple areas, there is a good chance major repairs were needed or the car was previously a salvage vehicle.

6.  Look for High-Volume Models

One of the easiest ways to find a cheap car at Florida car auctions is by focusing on high-volume models.  Every listing is bound to have one or two models which appear multiple times.  Any time there is a high number of the same model available; there will be an opportunity to get a great deal on a cheap used car.  This is because most people are only looking to purchase one or two vehicles at auction.  When there are multiple models of the same car, you will likely find one or two vehicles which have few competing bidders which lowers the price.

7.  Take Advantage of Lulls in the Bidding

If you pay attention, you will quickly notice that the bidding at public car auctions in Florida tend to come in waves.  There will be a handful of vehicles which see intense bidding followed by some with minimal bidding.  Once you identify a lull in the bidding, you will be able to take advantage of the best deals of the auction, which means a cheaper car.

Over the past few years, experienced auction bidders have discovered that online auto auction websites provide a unique set of tools which simplify the entire process.  You will not only be alerted of every upcoming Florida auction in your area, but also gain access to a variety of tools which will help you stay organized.  This will ensure you are ready to bid on the highest quality cheap cars at every Florida auction.

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