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Hottest Police Car On Sale

These cars have been chasing crooks for some time.  But when the police would take find them of no use anymore; there is always one place these cars has to go. That is the auction shop.  The following cars are a hot commodity among the enthusiasts.  Made especially for car chasing, these cars are tested to be more durable and faster than ordinary cars.

Ford 2006 Crown Victoria Place

While this might still be a newer model, some police department considered 2 year old cars old enough to be traded.  With its 5 Star front crash test safety rating, Crown Victoria might be the safest car one can ride on.  Adding features to its safety is its Personal Safety System for drivers and front seat passengers. The dual air bags provides some cushion during collision.  Adding to the package is its power steering and transmission oil coolers while a 200-amp alternator is the source of additional electrical capacity for tech gadgets to be installed inside the car.

 Ford P71 Police Interceptor

This car is powered by 4.6 litter engine.  With its feedback fuel system and 8 cylinders, this car will make the best run on the road.  Personal safety system and Childproof rear door locks together with ton and rear outboard three-point shoulder or belts are just few of its safety package.  With a CFC free air conditioning, this car is not only fast but also earth friendly. It also has some heavy suspension which gives a comfortable ride on a bumpy road.

1957 Chevy Police Car

 As cars got older, its value will also depreciate from time to time.  But not this 1957 Chevy Police Car.  This collector’s choice item is priceless.  Its elegance and classic style would make one feel like being transported by a time machine.  The car might not have the speed and features of a modern vehicle, but its antiquity has exceeded the price of this obsolete machine.

Chevrolet Malibu Police Car Model

This later version of Chevrolet is run on a standard 3.5 litter engine with a horsepower rating of 219.  It can reach up to 22mpg in city driving and 32 mpg on high way. Its 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive option has been default on the model.  

While these cars might be used, considering its functionality is of vital importance among buyers.  The extra-ordinary features of these cars cannot be found in other models released in the market.  It would be a bonus for buyers when they get the best deal of this cars in the nearest Police car auction.

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