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Guide to Auto auctions in Louisville

There are many web sites which can become a guide to auto auctions in Louisville. Auto auctions in Louisville are the best place to buy good quality cheap used cars at affordable prices. In fact it is not uncommon for the buyers to become owners of a fancy automobile available at throw away prices. The used car auctions usually have different categories of cars which are sold at different auctions. The most popular among these are repo car auctions and seized car auctions.

Both repo car auctions and seized car auctions are state car auctions but the difference is that repo cars are the ones repossessed by lending institutions (like banks and the like) when the owner of the vehicle is unable to pay the car loan. Cars offered as collateral against another loan are also called repo cars. The seized cars on the other hand are seized from the owner due to illegal activities like tax evasion and fraud.

Hence it is not true that all seized cars come from criminals. The added advantage of buying used cars from police car auctions and government car auctions is that they are usually in very good condition, sometimes even brand new. The prices quoted for the cars sold at repo car auctions and seized car auctions, are quite low. This may make the buyers worry about the quality of the car. But such worry is unwarranted because the price quotes are not due to the fact that the cars are of inferior quality, but rather because the government and the police are usually in a hurry to get rid of the vehicles in their custody.

This is due to the fact that thousands of cars are repossessed and seized all over the United States of America. The government and the police are then faced with the cost of maintaining and storing these cars. These costs are a major drain on the police and government budgets. Hence they try to sell off the cars as soon as they can in an effort to minimize their costs.

Auto auctions are particularly a hit with dealers and resellers of used cars. They purchase these cars at repo car auctions and seized car auctions at lower prices and then sell them in the open market for a higher price. They stand to make decent profits in this manner. Some auctions are open only to registered dealers and resellers, while some are also open to the general public.

One should take care of certain things when visiting a used car auction in an attempt to buy a car. The first thing is that the buyers should be very sure of their budget and the kind of car they need. Otherwise it is very easy to get confused with the variety of vehicles on sale and often people end up over spending instead of saving money, which is the intention while buying a car from a used car auction. Also one should be careful not to get into a bidding battle at the auction.

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