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Great cars at great prices at Columbus car auctions

Auto auctions in Columbus are the ideal place to get used cars in very good conditions and at affordable rates. Usually the auto auctions are held only for used car dealers and resellers but some of the auto auctions in Columbus bend that rule to include the general public. The dealers and resellers get used cars from police auctions, repo auctions, seized car auctions and government auctions. They then resell them in the open used car market to the general public. This way they are able to make huge profits.

Sometimes the general masses visit the auto auctions in Columbus, but most of the time they prefer to purchase used cars from dealers. This is because test drives are not allowed at used car auctions and it is very difficult for the layman to make out the condition of a used car without a test drive. On the other hand, the dealers and resellers are experts at discerning the condition of the vehicles at the used car auctions. And it is possible for the end consumer to take a test drive and then purchase the car from the dealer.

Dealers and resellers normally choose the used car auction closest to their residence or place of work so that they can thoroughly examine the vehicles before starting to bid for them. The most popular with dealers visiting used car auctions, are the repo car auctions, seized car auctions, police auctions and government auctions. This is because the repo cars and seized cars sold at the police car auctions and government auctions are usually in very good conditions and are often available at throw away prices.

Repo car auctions are the auctions which sell cars repossessed from the owners due to default in payment of the car loan or else these cars are offered as collateral against another loan. On the other hand seized car auctions deal in cars which are seized from the owners due to their involvement in illegal activities, tax fraud etc. along with their other assets. Thousands of cars are either repossessed or seized all over the United States and then it is the headache of the government or the police to store and maintain them. This storage and maintenance costs a lot, and in order to cut down on these costs it is necessary for the government to dispose of them as soon as possible. This is the reason that government auctions and police auctions are held on a regular basis and the government in a hurry to sell the vehicles prices the cars very low. These gov auctions and local auctions are either held independently or in conjunction with other auto auctions in Columbus and other cities and states of the country.

The low prices and the good conditions of the cars available at these auto auctions in Columbus are the reason that the dealers, resellers and the general public all throng to them in search for their ideal choice of vehicles.

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