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Government liquidation auction: the best way to buy surplus commodities

Government liquidation is an online marketplace for the disposal or sale of U.S government surplus and scrap material to the public. Government liquidation encompasses over 500 commodity categories and surplus items and thereby offers surplus buyers a unique and dynamic pool of property for purchase and resale.

You can browse products according to category in a government liquidation site like aircraft parts, electrical equipment, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, machinery, medical and dental equipment, plumbing and textile equipment, material handling etc.

You can also search according to manufacturer of the product or by state.

Small business owners and others can benefit a lot by taking part in the government surplus auctions or government liquidation auction. You can also get information about the bidding opening date and due date online. Auction is also conducted for fitness and recreation equipment, cans and containers, video and audio equipment and computer spare parts.

Thousands of items get added to the inventory every week and searching for items is very easy. You can also select multiple items in the FSC category, locations or warehouses lists. You can search for items according to state, city and military base. The professionals of government liquidation team manage over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and maintain outposts on over 150 military bases in many areas.

Government Liquidation, LLC (GL) is a subsidiary of Liquidity Services Inc and operates a powerful sales channel that enables buyers to purchase government assets in a convenient and flexible way. World class logistics, technology, marketing and customer service capabilities are the hall marks of GL which ensures valuable cash flow source to the U.S treasury by maximizing efficiencies. Government Liquidation, LLC is the leading global seller of assets in over 500 different commodity categories like

  • Uniforms and accessories
  • Electrical and electronic test equipment
  • Boats and marine support equipment
  • Building and construction materials
  • Trucks and other vehicles

You can also find the complete listing of past bid results for 24 hours following the close of the sale. Lot numbers and high bid amounts will remain posted for a longer time. You can also take part in a government liquidation auction where you can buy a dream vehicle of your choice. You can buy the surplus items online or offline through live auctions, sealed bid, negotiated price, and fixed price and drop-by sales. You can also buy government seized property from treasury and other agencies in a GL auction. Government properties no longer needed by federal agencies are sold online at GL auctions. Prior government owned scrap property, surplus sales of metals from defence, court ordered forfeited assets, equipment and machinery auction all form a part of GL auction. Some of these surplus properties can be purchase online and some of it can be purchased offline only.

You can get massive discounts on some of the surplus properties like computers, plasma TV’s, antiques, mobile phones, household goods etc at these government auctions. The auction sales database helps you find the item you are looking for in a short time and are updated by the auction hoses themselves.

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