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There are thousands of vehicles seized on a daily basis and finding storage space for them is a major problem for the government. The best way that the government can deal with this situation is to disperse the vehicles to various auctioneers like public auctions, repo auctions, police auctions and government auctions. This exposes these vehicles to the public for purchase resulting in a faster disposal process. The selling prices are also kept low as the primary objective of the government is not to make a profit on these vehicles but rather to get rid of them quickly. Exposure to public and low prices brings about fairly quick sales instead of keeping the cars in storage for long periods.

For those who have made up their minds that they want a used car then an auction is the best place to get a cheap car which is in a relatively good condition. Vehicles which have been seized by the law are usually in good condition and are not too old either. This is what most buyers look for. However, there can be stiff competition and the used car dealers who are experienced at bidding know exactly how to clinch a deal. The inexperienced buyer will find bidding against them difficult. To gain a little knowledge about auctions one can visit a live auction and watch it without participating in it. This way you know how to go about bidding and will not be completely unaware of what happens at these auctions.

Seized cars which have been confiscated because the previous owners have failed to clear the loans to banks and other institutions, are the ones which are in good condition and are not too old. Some of the seized cars once belonged to criminals and drug peddlers and these are usually the most expensive luxury brands. People who indulge in such activities have a flamboyant lifestyle and will not settle for anything but the best even though they loose it all in the end.  Many vehicles are also repossessed due to the owner not paying their taxes.  Again these vehicles can be picked up for a lot less than in a dealership.  You can probably find yourself a BMW or a swanky sports car amongst this lot.

Apart from all the auctions which happen in your town there are also the online auctions which you can register with and bid online. The complete transaction happens online and you do not have to step out of your home but will find the vehicle delivered to you. While there are some risks with buying this way (as with buying any item over the internet) the fact that you can get cars a substantially lower prices compensates the buyer for these risks.

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