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Government Car Auctions in Grand Rapids For Amazing Deals

If you are looking for a great place to find amazing deals at government car auctions, then Grand Rapids should be on your list.  Grand Rapids features a variety of different government auto auctions ranging from the Federal government all the way down to local government offices.  The key is knowing which auction houses are utilized for government auto auctions.

M&W Inc (M&W Inc. Asset Recovery & Liquidation Center) is the most widely used auction house for government auctions.  They are used by all levels of the government and also consistently hold some of the largest public auctions in the area as well.  Here is a quick look at some of the most recent government auctions that were on the schedule.

1. Kent County Spring Vehicle Auction

The Kent Country Spring Vehicle Auction is often held in the early summer months, instead of the actual spring.  Normally, it is in the early to middle part of June.  These sales always feature different vehicles from different areas of the county government.  The auction early starts around 2 pm and has a 1 hour preview time that begins directly before the auction itself.  As will all Kent County auctions, all vehicles must be paid for that day.  In the most recent auction some of the items featured include: 2002-2006 Shuttle Busses, 2005 Ford Escapes, 2000 GMC Safari, 1985 Mack Dump/Plow, and a large number of 2008 Ford Crown Vic’s.

2. US Marshal Services Auction

The US Marshal Service is well known for being one best places to find amazing deals when it comes to car auctions.  These auctions usually take place only once or twice a year, but can are often some of the most popular of the year.  Marshal Service auctions are known for having a wide variety of different vehicles to choose from and will sometimes live-cast their auctions online. 

3. Misc. Government Auctions

M & W Inc. handles the auctions of several other government agencies as well including the IRS/Treasury, GSA, and other municipalities as well.  Many of these agencies will only hold one auction in Grand Rapids a year because the number of vehicles up for auction can vary greatly.  Additionally, sometimes these other government agencies will simply add their cars to the weekly public auctions that are held.  This is normally done when they do no have enough cars to justify a separate auction.

The weekly public auctions are held every Thursday morning at 9:00 am.  Normally, there will be anywhere from 50 to 100 different cars to choose from.  These weekly auctions will also include repossessed cars from banks and credit unions as well as consignment units from local dealerships.

If you are looking for amazing deals and government car auctions in Grand Rapids, Michigan, then M & W Inc is definitely the first place to look.  Not only do they hold weekly public auctions that may have government cars randomly inserted into them, but they also hold specific auctions for Kent County and the US Marshal Service.

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