US Government Car Auctions

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Government Auctions Online deal with auctions of vehicles for state car auctions, US Government car auctions and seized car auctions. Vehicles that are seized by various agencies like law enforcement and local government or federal and state, dispose of unclaimed and surplus cars through government car auctions. These auctions are held by mainly the General Services Administration or the GSA but also by Border Patrol, Homeland Security, The Department of Treasury, DEA, IRS and the FBI. Other departments like the police and the fire department also have such surplus vehicles which they dispose of periodically through Government Auctions Online or through state car auctions, US Government car auctions and seized car auctions. Vehicles are also repossessed by lending institutions and banks, from customers who have not paid their loans, and sold at such auctions.

How often do these auctions take place?

State car auctions, US Government car auctions and seized car auctions take place very regularly and maybe almost on a daily basis. People could keep a track of these events by searching on Government Auctions Online for more information on these auctions and where they will be held and the time that they will be held too. This Government Auctions Online are handled by private companies who take on these auctions on a contract basis. Participation is easy and open to everyone.

How do government car auctions work

The seized and surplus vehicles which are in the keeping of the government are auctioned at various locations in the country regularly. Auctions are held at the same venue either on a monthly or quarterly basis and there is a notification in the national and daily local newspapers along with the complete listings. People can then check out what they are interested in and if possible go and physically check the vehicles out. Government Auctions Online have all types of vehicles at a very affordable rate and in good condition. It is because of this that these auctions continue to be very popular and people participate in them regularly.

Some of the rules that apply are that the person who wants to participate in this auction should be over 18 years of age and should possess a valid driving license.

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