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Gov Liquidation Sales Give Cheap Cars in Broward County

For a long time government liquidation sales were used by all levels of government to give citizens the opportunity to purchase items previously used by government agencies.  While this practice has not changed much over the past decade, more people have become aware of it than ever before.  Government liquidation sales cover any and all types of assets purchased for government use.  One of the most popular types of government liquidation sales is auto auctions.  Broward County features multiple government liquidation sales throughout the year and provides residents with an excellent opportunity to get cheap yet reliable cars.

What Are Government Liquidation Sales?

In terms of vehicles, government liquidation sales are often referred to as government fleet auctions.  While there are some auctions in Broward County which include vehicles as well as other items, such as computers, desks, chairs, cabinets, and a variety of other items, vehicles are often sold separately.  By hosting a vehicle only auction

in Broward County, the government can attract a certain type of auction goer.  Plus, there are typically more than enough vehicles to justify and sustain a full-fledged auction without including additional items.  This allows citizens who are interested in cars to attend the auto auction while people who are interested in other items can attend the general liquidation sale.

Why Are the Cars Cheap at Gov Liquidation Sales in Broward County?

The one question many people are always asking is why the cars are so cheap at government liquidation sales in Broward County.  The truth is government fleet vehicles tend to be notably less expensive regardless of where the auction takes place.  Broward County is known for providing a variety of great deals on cheap cars because the listings are so large.  The larger an auction listing is, the less competition there will be over individual units.  This allows a wide variety of people to all purchase cheap, reliable government fleet vehicles simultaneously.

Three Things You Need to Know About Government Fleet Vehicles

1. They Tend to Have Extremely High or Low Mileage

One thing to keep in mind when attending government liquidation sales to find cheap cars is that each vehicle tends to have either extremely high or low mileage.  High mileage vehicles are often what were used by government employees for long-distance travels.  This means the vehicle will have a lot of Highway mileage and noticeably less city mileage.  Low mileage vehicles were likely primarily used within city limits.  While the mileage may be lower, the general wear and tear is typically equivalent to the higher mileage counterparts.  You can take advantage of this by focusing your efforts on higher mileage government fleet vehicles because most people will be focusing on lower mileage vehicles.

2. The Paperwork Will Always Be In Order

A key benefit of purchasing a used car at government liquidation sales is the paperwork will always be in order.  A potential drawback of some other types of auctions is the title may not be clean.  For example, at salvage auctions the titles will always be salvage titles.  At impound auctions, there’s a chance there will not be any title at all.

3.  The Listings will have a lot of Duplicate Cars

The final tip to keep in mind when attending a government auction in Broward County is each listing will have a lot of duplicate cars.  Local, state, and federal buying agencies tend to purchase in bulk whenever possible to save money.  As a result, whatever type of vehicle the government purchases, they will purchase a large number of them.  When you attend an auction the listings will reflect this.  In order to get a cheap car without sacrificing quality, don’t hesitate to quit bidding on a vehicle you are interested in if the price gets too high.  There is a high likelihood a similar vehicle will find its way to the auction block shortly.

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